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Aug 14, 2007
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batcave wrote:
May 17th, 2006 10:29 pm
I agree with UrbanPoet, it sounds like a scam. Stay away, very far away.

If you want to play them, ask for successful customers; references! :twisted:
Won’t work as they’ll have tons of fakes ready to go.

Reminds me of the time I got called for an interview and it ended up being some scammy sales BS. You could tell half the audience worked for them because when I said to the woman beside me this is all a scam, about 6 people in front of me turned around and gave me a stare of death. As I stood up to walk out they called in their supposed “highest sellers” and all these people did was say “I am diamond, I am gold” etc etc.

All the products were absolute crap. And I walked out. Person who invited me stopped me and asked how I liked it, because I was so mad I didn’t respond to the guy and he chased me down. He tried giving me a bunch of free crap, I took it and dropped it in the garbage can, told him “f*** you, you lied to me entirely about what this was, you’re a scammer and I’m going to make sure everyone on your social media profiles know not to respond to you”

He then apologized to which I said I don’t care and I left.

I know I have a whole thread on here floating around about that experience.

OP walk away and don’t get scammed.
Sep 17, 2017
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Is the interviewer programmed by AI or something? Sounds so unnatural lol