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May 30, 2007
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Edmonscrewed wrote: Thallanor:

I have posted three times to this web mentioned in the others I too have been scammed by the Canadian Career Management Group (CCMG).

However you direct attention to a typo in Nancy Gordos' e-mail, the fact that she misspelled "Canadian", which is a major typo when you think about it.

Nancy sent out e-mails to 22 different potential employers on my behalf (that is all the CCMG will send out to make it appear as though they are doing a diligent job on your behalf). But her e-mails were terrible...not unlike the one with a typo sent to you.

The e-mails that Nancy sent out on my behalf looked as though they were written by a 14-year old who was not doing well in school. Suffice it to say that Nancy "is not the sharpest tool in the shed", as it were. She should never be allowed to write anything to any potential employer on behalf of someone else, and because the type of work in which I was interested was at the senior manager or executive level, this hurt me much more than it did her. Her e-mails were written so poorly that of the 5 responses I did received from potential employers none were considering me for the type of work in which I was interested. In fact, the managers who did respond to me were in the very positions in which I was interested, so you can imagine their reaction when I informed them of my career aspirations (i.e. I was dropped like a hot potato). One potential employer even got angry at me, and felt as though I had misled them about my true career intensions, which of course was not the case.

So there was a double-lesson learned here. One is to never give any "headhunter", "recruiter" or "career coach" any money in advance for anything. The other is to never hire an incompetent or illiterate person to write correspondence for least not until you have proof-read the material that is being sent out on your behalf before it is actually sent.

Hopefully, in about a year, I will once again be able to send out job feelers again...after all those who had come into contact with my name through the CCGM have had time to forget who I am :) .

Talk to you later
Yes, we too we scamed by these guys but down in Calgary. If you do a corporate search on them it will show you were the principles live. We are going thru with an Action in Small Claims Court even though I do not think we will get anything from these guys. Even if we get a judement, it will be hard to collect!
May 30, 2007
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stevel wrote: I have been taken by these guys! There were flags that I didn't see or failed to react to. I have gone ahead and sued them in small claims court. Of course they failed to file a defence. I "won" the judgement and am starting the ball rolling on getting my money back. I doubt they will act on the judgement so I will probably have to get a hold of their assets somehow. Does anyone have any knowledge of where Ian Cabral, or Nancy Gordos reside so I can seize assets?

These people are in Edmonton were the head office of the company was located. Look up on Alberta Registries and request a Corporate Search and it will give you their addresses.

Where did you file your claim, Ontario?
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Dec 17, 2001
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To know that there are people out there that prey on people when they are looking for employment is sickening.

What kind of bottom feeding parasite does this?

How do they look at themselves in the mirror?

Just an observation about the bringing your wife request:

It may be they know most people will use the "I need to talk to my wife/husband" to buy time or back out.

If your wife is or significant other is there, then they can go to work on them too.

I agree this thread should be stickied.

I hope that justice will be served for you folks who were scammed. However,
the chances of actually seeing money from a judgement are probably slim.

Scam 100 people a year out of 2000 bucks and you can see the kind of money that these scumbags are raking in.

I'm guessing mioving and changing names is the cost of doing business for them.

If you're in Ontario, the OPP's project Phonebusters may be interested in this.
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Feb 14, 2006
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I just read this entire thread and what I am seeing is unbelievable. +1 to a sticky.
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Oct 3, 2005
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omg i'm so sorry to those who got screwed over

it's pretty creepy when they asked a couple of u guys to bring ur wife n kid. i thought they were gonna jump u guys .

u guys should get that crazy cool old guy on cp24/citytv who brings justice to people
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Oct 16, 2001
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Wonder why my post got deleted in this thread
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Aug 20, 2006
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Complain to ministry of labour i guess is one way to go too.
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Aug 20, 2006
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Complain to ministry of labour I guess is one way to go too.My dad got scammed with a similar place but they were hiring for a security guards and asked them for 250$ for training n guarantee which of course, there was the training for 3 weekends and then no job or placement.
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Aug 6, 2001
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crosswire wrote: Complain to ministry of labour I guess is one way to go too.My dad got scammed with a similar place but they were hiring for a security guards and asked them for 250$ for training n guarantee which of course, there was the training for 3 weekends and then no job or placement.
Go to Delta security, google their site, they are always hiring and even without training!!
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Jan 21, 2007
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There are so called career councelling companies operating in Montreal as well. We were scamed two years ago with similar techniques. They used to be called Carnegie Career Partners and they seems to change their names now. From my reseach on the internet, they were all over the states: ... 140972.htm

They are/were also active in BC. Check out the following link: ... C_ID=85875

Lesson: Don't pay anything for job search.
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Jul 7, 2006
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It's very shocking to read some of these stories. And the saddest part of it all is that there are nonprofit or government-based job placement agencies out there such as the YMCA youth employment service or the Ontario Works employment agency that do a MUCH BETTER job than these scumbags, even though they cater to a specific group. For instance, they will tell you upfront that 1 simple spelling or grammar error in your resume will completely ruin your hiring candidacy. And they do it for FREE!
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Jul 4, 2004
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When I finished schooling for IT (many, many years ago), I answered a job ad in the Toronto Star and spoke to a person on the phone (from the ad) and everything sounded legit. After driving into TO, paying $21 for parking did I realize during the interview that this was a scam.

They did everything they possibly could to get money from me (which I had refused). Pulled out a dossier of companies that they had represented, guaranteed with an image marketing plan and some education that I would be hired within 3 months, told me that I was letting my family down and at the very end practically called me a loser. Needless to say it was a horrible experience. I didn't give them any money and was pissed off for about a week afterwards at the experience.

True headhunters/agencies do not solicit fees from those looking for work. If you're asked for money simply leave.
Nov 18, 2007
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I attended the first interview with Canadian Career Management Group back in March 06. I too was asked for money, $1,500 to begin with, and $1,500 upon hiring, but was told that at the end most companies who hired me would reimburse me the money.

Everything seemed legit, except for the money of course, but I thought that maybe some of these services needed a pay.

They never asked for my wife to be present and had they asked I would have left the office immediately as this is a personal question HR is never allowed to ask.

Thank God I did not give them any money. At the time, I was almost broke so I asked Mike Koval, who showed up instead of Nancy Gordos, the question how I was supposed to give him money if I was not working.

Anyhow, the guy did not even bother to read my resume in detail. The career path he suggested was of no interest to me and therefore I declined working with them.

I think it was this last part the one who saved me, rather than thinking of it as a scam.