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bad black friday experience ??

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  • Nov 30th, 2012 3:22 am
Dec 26, 2005
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bad black friday experience ??

i thought it was a good deal .... ordering the items online from canadacomputers and waited for an in-store pickup

1 case, 1 psu and i7 3770 locked retail ($259 ish) for cpu

when i called up to inquire about my pickup, they told me the items ARE in stock and they would give me the psu and case but not the cpu for the price listed on order.... claimed it was in-store sale only.
yet the order went through online and email stating order was acknowledged for that price

phoned their onlinesales help, bounced me to head office, then head office bounced me back to online orders. basically they didn't do nothing/or were not going to do anything.

is this common practice??
regardless, unless that whole order gets filled, i am not picking up anything from them again :(

now i'm sitting on $300+ parts from another store without the other parts to put together a system :(
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Jul 25, 2012
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You're probably better off going in person and maybe bringing some proof of your order with the price you originally expected to pay.

Maybe even try claiming ignorance and pretending you knew nothing about them not honoring that price when you get there (if that's possible now that you've already called >.<), would give you some extra leverage over them atleast. Ignorance is bliss sometimes lol.

But if going that route probably better not showing them your proof until necessary, possibly even "leave" for a few minutes and "come back" with that proof haha..

Reguardless it sounds like you're going to have to do some mild arguing.. so if it's not out of your way I would go there in person, since it's much harder to brush off someone standing in front of you with money in hand than it is a faceless phone call.
Dec 26, 2005
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i have the proof of the price i had on an order #. i figured i'd call first to see if they had all items in stock before i went to pickup, and they gave me that garbage excuse.
no pricing issue, not an instore only sale.

the fact that head office isn't willing to honor a web price that they acknowledged via email, already says something about the company. i wonder what would happen had i actually paid for it with a cc. guess i should of went that route instead of wait for pickup. or how bout if i ordered something not on a black friday sale.

but really....u can sell me those other 2 items at that same advertised but not the other one.
what irked me was that i was actually staring at the K version from a different store and didnt pull the trigger cause i already thought i had a cpu and all the other parts i was missing.
now prices went back up and no sale price :(

anyway, that store is dead to me now, not worth my time... i'd rather go to a different store farther away, and pay an extra few bucks than to put up with that service that they just showed me.
i knew they were bad having dealt with them in person before, but this just sent me over.

oh well ther's always boxing day :P my list of stores to shop from is shorter now :P