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Badminton court (& ping pong table) in Vaughan/Richmond Hill/Markham

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Jun 7, 2005
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Badminton court (& ping pong table) in Vaughan/Richmond Hill/Markham

We would like to book a Badminton court in Vaughan/Richmond Hill/Markham for the whole family to play, maybe a couple of hours on weekends. Wonder what are the options. Community center? I know there are several private badminton clubs, but they usually charge annual membership fees to use the facility and offer formal training program instead of casual playing.

We are also interested in playing ping pong, saw people playing in the Maple Community Center. However, when I asked the staff there, they said those are for senior and youth program only. Wonder if it is the same for all community centers, and all sport i.e. including badminton.

Thanks for any suggestion and information.
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Apr 9, 2006
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I joined the YMCA... there's a 1 week free trial (currently running till September 3rd)
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