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Balance Bike for a 2 yr old

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  • Jul 10th, 2018 12:44 am
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Mar 10, 2010
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Have to say I thought this would have been a great idea, we tried with our son who turned 3 last year (he got the balance bike last summer) and will be 4 this year. He absolutely hates his balance bike and would only ride his tricycle. Now he's gone straight to his two-wheeler with training wheels (left over from a big brother). But that's just our experience. Big brother went from tricycle to two-wheeler with training wheels to no training wheels the summer he turned 4 (Which I think is a little young, but that's just how he did it).
May 18, 2018
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To choose the best balance bike you should consider size, weight, geometry, tire type, brakes, turning limiters, footrests, bearings, frame materials, hand grips, and bolts. WOOM1 offers good balance bikes overall, if your son is lightweight, consider Yedoo Too Too bikes.
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Jul 4, 2004
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I think the balance bikes are great and way better than using training wheels, they learn to properly feel how the bike behaves. I also think they are safer (kids do tend to tip over turning too sharply / going off curbs / etc with the training wheels).
Jan 26, 2017
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Shaner wrote:
May 26th, 2018 10:25 am
He's only 2, give him some time. My 2 year old does the same thing. That's the point of a balance bike. They'll get the feel of sitting on a bike and moving it slowly with their feet. Eventually they'll lift their feet up and try to balance. That in turn will lead to them coasting. After that, they're ready for a regular bike. But it takes time. You shouldn't expect a 2 year old to be anywhere close to riding a bike and a balance bike is just a bike without pedals.
Thanks for the advice.
Yeah, after a few more rides he is getting much more comfortable with it. He’s still walking with it, but walking at a much faster pace lol. Also, he is on the bike much longer now...close to one hour straight last time out. Surprised he wasn’t tired but he just wouldn’t let me take him off his bike lol
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Jul 15, 2003
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Just a few more comments to other people who may find this thread.

The good balance bikes are lightweight. So when you go for a long walk and the kid gets tired/annoyed/fedup with riding and you have to carry the bike, balance bikes are extremely lightweight compared to a normal bike that you've taken the pedals off of. Is this necessary? no. But it is a nice perk.
Jul 3, 2018
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Bebo123 wrote:
Mar 19th, 2018 4:49 pm
My son is turning 2 next month.

I want to get him a balance bike which I’m sure he’ll LOVE!

Any recommendations?
What things should I look for in a bike?
Get him a small helmet too....Because there can be chances for the child to fall from the balance bike. So in order to prevent the injury, it is good to have a baby helmet.