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May 5, 2008
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Bali Home Collection

What are our options? On December 27, 2007, we put a $500 deposit on a side board that was backordered and expected to arrive March / April of 2008 (we also bought a dining room table and chairs which were delivered without issue in December 2007). Despite numerous telephone calls, (at least 12 calls in March and April) we were told that someone would call us back. However, we never had any of our calls returned. It's now May and we have not received our side board and at this point, we do not have confidence that our sideboard will be delivered. We are writing a letter to Bali Home Collection to express our concerns we also called Amex but the 90 day period to get a refund has expired. We will also contact the BBB and the Consumer Protection Agency if Bali does not respond in a satisfactory manner. Any additional thoughts or advice?