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Nov 25, 2016
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Gutty96 wrote:
Jul 27th, 2017 5:24 pm
Yes, well they are sitting in poop, that is everything you body doesn't want, so the sooner they are out of it, the better.

For the most part we used either petroleum jelly, or this salve that my sister sell (Naturalpathic Doctor) which will cure 98% redness the first time. Both of mine Being boys, they have those spots where the twig and berries and sack will always stick together, this is always a spot where a little raw spot could break out. If all else fails, one night with some Desitin cleared anything the salve wouldn't.
I second petroleum jelly (give it a try!). I use it every diaper change and it works just as well as any diaper cream for my baby (preventative, I've never used it to treat).

My baby got a terrible diaper rash (that then got infected) after switching to size 4 diapers - I realized after the fact that I was changing wet diapers less frequently because the diaper was so much more absorbent. Honestly, change diapers frequently and you probably don't even need a cream.

With all that said, get samples and see what works best for your child. More expensive doesn't necessarily mean it'll work better. Petroleum jelly is pretty cheap in comparison and it works miracles on my baby's butt.
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Dec 26, 2005
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For baths, we use some liquid soap from Honest Company (bought at Costco). I don't know if it's any better than the others. Our baby gets pretty smelly because she sweats quite a bit. We also use an Aveeno lotion because her skin is pretty dry after baths.

We generally use Vaseline, but there were a few times she had diaper rash and I used a zinc-oxide based cream for a few days and it went away.

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Dec 31, 2005
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We didn't use anything on 2nd and 3rd kid. No rashes as long as you changed them relatively quickly. Diapers today absorb so much moisture.

We had a terrible time with our first...but we eventually discovered it was a result of cow milk protein. We removed that and the severe rashes (and blistering) stopped almost immediately (Cow Milk Protein Intolerance). Once we figured that out, issues I had, my dad, sister (and her kids) all made sense. Se just cannot digest casein.
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Oct 15, 2008
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We also have had rashes when our kids cut teeth; not just related to frequency of diaper changes. When washing we used either warm water or Johnson's Natural's. For rashes, we use Zincofax - works great.
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Feb 24, 2017
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sillysimms wrote:
Jun 30th, 2017 2:16 pm
We used a bit of soap (LiveClean for babies) when my little one was younger. Still use it most of the time although she insisted on picking up the "Paw Patrol" bubbles last time we went shopping.

My daughter was really sensitive when she was young and tried using diaper creams with a high zinc oxide percentage when she was having bad rashes. However, someone suggested coconut oil - we switched to that her rashes stopped.
Really? I'm curious if that works. We had to get a prescription from the doctor for his diaper rash. We alternate between using vaseline and Penaten. After the prescription cream, his diaper rash really cleared up.
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Jan 11, 2008
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smeeae wrote:
Aug 15th, 2017 3:38 pm
Really? I'm curious if that works. We had to get a prescription from the doctor for his diaper rash. We alternate between using vaseline and Penaten. After the prescription cream, his diaper rash really cleared up.
It's worth a try. What works for some won't work for others but for some it does - it was great for us.

My daughter had extremely sensitive skin. So sensitive that for the first 11 months I couldn't even use wipes but had to buy cotton make up remover pads and wet those to use. From time to time we had prescription creams as well.
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Oct 28, 2016
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Actually my elder brother is a doctor. He suggested us to use only water.
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Mar 31, 2008
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As our baby got older, and till now, we use Burt's Bee soap. I think more pricey but really smooth, doesn't hurt the eyes and not as chemically perfumery.
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Jun 24, 2015
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Woodbridge, ON
I started using goat milk soap on my kids and noticed they don't itch as often, they dont get exzemia as often either, and the skin is clearing up faster
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Nov 15, 2005
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When our son would get rashes, we ended putting a olive oil on his skin after his bath. He smelled good and his skin felt great.
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Feb 25, 2018
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I always prefer natural products over chemical ones.
I would suggest you a herbal chamomile bath for your little one.
To make a chamomile bath use ½ to 1 cup fresh or dried herb tied in linen bag. Place in tub with hot water let soak for 10 min. then add cold water to the temperature you like. Do not add soap to bath.
A Chamomile bath has multiple positive effects--it's a good antiseptic, it helps eczema & other type of rashes.It will calm your baby & help him/her to fall asleep.
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Jul 5, 2004
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I don't have any confidence that vaseline is safe so I avoid it.

i stick with coconut oil and so far so good.
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