Before getting a pet...

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  • Jul 31st, 2017 6:48 am
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Beachdown wrote:
May 14th, 2017 12:41 pm
What I meant was that "it will not be any shelter cat". Thats all.
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Sep 16, 2006
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Cats as pets in a nutshell:

You love your cat. Your cat may or may not love you.
You will want to give your cat more attention than your cat will want
litter boxes smell worse than death. Change the litter and clean it often

Cats are a very easy pet to deal with. Perhaps the easiest pet. Put out food and water, change them a couple of times a day. Let your cat sleep with you if he wants to. Be kind to him. Should be fine.

Worst thing that happens with cats is spraying (peeing on things) which males do if they are not neutered, and also knocking stuff off shelves and scratching things. Get a kitten and buy it things it can scratch (scratching posts) and show it how to scratch them.

Also, most cats get this weird burst of energy around 2 to 4am and they will run around your house at full speed and knock your potted plants over. Some cats don't do this. All my cats have done this over the years.

Also, keep in mind that cats live 14-20 years. If you have to rehome your cat he may be heartbroken. A cichlid will be fine if you rehome it to an appropriate tank and won't care that you're gone. Cats have feelings.

If you do get a cat and you live near downtown Toronto I suggest "The Menagerie" petshop on parliament near wellesley for your cat needs. Great supplies and food - organic and grain free, from several indie brands. Much better than the junk you get at the supermarket. Your cat will be healthier and have shinier softer furr.

It is not generally recommended to have an outdoor cat. In the country they can get killed by a coyote, in the city they can get hit by a car. I had two cats that refused to stay indoors. They'd get out a window or dart out the door when it opened (they would sit at the door waiting for a chance). One of them got hit by a car. It was really really ugly and she was in a lot of pain. Very expensive surgery fixed her up... other cats are not as lucky. Please keep your cat inside the house.

Please consider a shelter cat. There are a lot of cats out there that are homeless.
Mar 12, 2017
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natalka wrote:
May 10th, 2017 6:52 pm
As for knowing - well, I grew up not being able to have a pet, but was a huge cat lover. When I moved out on my own the first thing I got was two kittens - and have had cats in my life ever since.
Getting them from the SPCA is definitely the way to go, as the poster above said. I am also a huge fan of getting two - so they have a companion when you are away, and it's nice for them to play and grow up with another.

About getting a Maine Coon - well, that would be the dream for me, too - who wouldn't want such a huge bundle of love?
I think it would be best to start with just a regular cat, before paying mega money for a purebred one.

There's something very special about just getting 'average tabbies' - who are absolutely wonderful. Actually, we do now have a Ragdoll mix (a surprise), and she's fabulous, along with her daughter. I think we laugh every day at their antics, and it's just really nice having the company at home!
We have two female sibling ragdoll kittens as well, got them around Christmas time, insisting they stay at home with their mother until 12'ish weeks. One is seal lynx and the other is seal point.

They are so much friendlier and tame than the tabby we had before, who liked attacking my daughter. Their contrasting personalities is also funny, one loves to be pet (seal point), the only one, on an extremely rare occasion, and only pet on her hind, she will squirm away if you try and pet her on the head or around the neck/under chin/face. They are pretty reckless cats though, will get in the way a lot, and will recklessly chase laser point dots on the floor crashing into anything. Both cats also love "fetching", they'll chase a toy and bring it back to us to throw again.

I've owned numerous cats over my lifetime (most involuntarily), and while I'm not a fan of cats whatsoever, this breed in particular is a lot more family oriented than I'm used to.
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May 22, 2005
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I'm currently fostering two 3 month old kittens that were given up at the Toronto Humane Society. I will bring them back in a few weeks when they require their shots but until then, I'm providing them with a home and love while making space for more shelter cats. I have priority in adoption if I decide to adopt them (at this rate they will adopt me!).

The food is provided, medicine as well since both have coccidia (spelling?) And require daily medicine. A few of my friends lent me their extra litter box, carrier, toys and I've spent about 100 on random things I didn't need to.

It's a great experience and I wasn't sure I'd be okay with cats but so far so good :) I've had some allergies and so far just sniffles but it's worth it haha

And yeah, around 3 am they play and run around. I then woke up with their cute buttholes in my face.

Edit: no idea on the breed, looks like some sort of mix.