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Bell Mobility Nightmare. Does anyone have any contact info for these people?

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  • Oct 23rd, 2010 8:33 pm
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Jan 3, 2010
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I had major issues with Bell Mobility. Several months worth of phone calls, right up to the VP's office, and no one gave a sh*t about it.

It started when I upgraded my phone -- the old one died, I had to purchase a new one, and I sent in the rebate voucher that extended my contract for 3 years from the date of purchase. But they never received the voucher, and never gave me the $150 rebate. Or so they said -- when I threatened to cancel they claimed to have my signature on that very same voucher that agreed to a 3-year contract. Liars. When I called about the missing rebate (after about 4 weeks) I was told it takes 6-8 weeks to process. When I called after 8 weeks I was told they were behind on processing. I continued to call weekly, until one day I was told that it was past 90 days, and any complaints about missing credits have to be made within 90 days or I was SOL.

In the meantime, I had gone through every single bill for nearly two years and highlighted every overcharging incident. Unlimited evenings and weekends? Then why was I charged for phone calls on a Saturday night? Those totalled about $200 over that time frame.

I told them to shove it. They claimed I owed an ECF (of over $300 on both phones) -- I told them to send me a corrected invoice that reflected my $150 ECF, and the $200 in overcharging as a credit or to shove their ECF up their arse. They outright refused. They insisted I owed them my final bill (which was sitting at about $300) plus the ECFs, plus their $20+ per month "unregulated late payment fee" that they kept adding on through our months of discussions. I outright refused, and told them I'd pay the final bill amount and NOTHING else. They threatened to take me to court. I said I looked forward to it, and that I had every bill for the duration of my service with them. I also had every phone call recorded, every e-mail transcript, and copies of all correspondance I sent them. I begged them to take me in front of a judge, as they'd end up owing me money.

I never heard from them again. 6 months later a collection agency called once. I told them I was waiting for a court date to be assigned so that I could collect what Bell owed me. I never heard from them again, and not a single negative rating ever appeared on my credit report. Meanwhile, they lost my home phone, internet and ExpressVu business as well. Not that it really mattered -- I stopped receiving sat bills for some reason, long before I cancelled. I told them I was waiting for a bill to pay, and it never arrived. After I cancelled (figuring I was going to have to pay about $600 in bills all at once) they failed to cancel the service. It was active for another 14 months before it was de-activated. I decided they could suck it up at that point. Bell's wonderful customer service lost them about $400 / month in business from my household. I can see they haven't learned their lesson yet.