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Mar 24, 2003
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Bell Single Number Reach

We've been using this service for years, for primarily virtual call routing (when the caller gets a message to route them to different extension in our company) and internet fax. We were able to use the same phone number for incoming faxes.

Recently they discontinued the fax service, and I've been waiting over 2 months for them to set me up with the internet fax, but they keep giving me the run-around (5 hours on hold today with 4 dropped calls, and over 5 other calls in the last 2 months). I'm so done withe BELL and will can't for my on sanity continue to use them.

Can anyone recommend another service that can do the same for me? I was looking at ringcentral which I found with a random google search, but was wondering if there are other recommended services as well?
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Aug 2, 2010
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How many faxes do you need to send? I send maybe one a year if that and use faxzero.com for free. Otherwise I just ask if I can scan the document and email it and they always say yes.
Mar 1, 2017
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Take a look at VOIP.MS.
You could port your main number and then setup virtual fax and an auto attendant and then forwards.
Another option is a hosted 3CX system using VOIP.MS SIP trunks.
It is way cheaper and more flexible then Bell.