Best Bicycle Shop in T.O.?

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Dec 10, 2003
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Best Bicycle Shop in T.O.?

Best bike shop in Toronto?
I've heard good things about Cyclepath(Bloor), Duke's and Chain Reaction.

Please share your experiances or suggest any other shops?

Also i found a Specialized Hardrock Sport(sweet bike!) for $500, does that seem like an okay deal?
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Mar 8, 2002
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Cyclepath at Bloor and Dufferin are very nice people but I would never trust them with a bike. I bought a
new bike in there about 5 yrs ago and nearly got killed on it 5 minutes after I left the store. They had not
tightened the stem onto the headset properly. They wouldn't tell me which 'mechanic' was responsible for
the screw up, so I don't know if he/she is still there or not.

Duke's is excellent, as is Urbane ( near CityTV).
Jan 22, 2003
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I bought my last bike at Broadway Cycle (next door to Cyclepath on Bloor). Back then (about 2 years ago), they had a really good warranty with free service etc.
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May 10, 2003
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how are prices at Broadway Bicycle?
Jul 16, 2005
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i've got a hard rock comp i'm thinking of getting rid of if you want to save some $
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May 10, 2003
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i found this list for GTA

Anyone seen anything good here other than Broadway?

BIKES ON WHEELS 309 Augusta Avenue
BROADWAY CYCLE 1222 Bloor Street West
BROADWAY CYCLE 1185 Bloor Street W.
CHAIN REACTION 4231 Dundas Street W.
THE CYCLE SHOPPE 630A Queen Street W.
CYCLEMANIA 113 Danforth Ave.
CYCLE SOLUTIONS 444 Parliament Street
CYCLEPATH 1510 Danforth Avenue
DAVE...FIX MY BIKE 130 Harbord Street
DUKES 625 Queen Street W.
FRED'S SPORTS 2261 Queen Street E.
IDEAL BICYCLE 1178 Queen Street E.
McBRIDE CYCLE 2923 Dundas Street W.
ON THE GO ON BLOOR 975 Bloor Street W.
PEDLAR CYCLES 152 Avenue Road
RECYCLE CYCLE INC. 454 Kingston Road
SANDY'S CYCLE SHOP 115 Laird Drive
SET ME FREE BICYCLE CO. 18 Parkway Avenue
SPORT SWAP 2045 Yonge Street
URBANE CYCLIST 180 John Street
VELOTECH BICYCLES 884 College Street
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Apr 19, 2005
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You're going to get a lot of recommendations...but Duke's is decent...although a friend of mine just complained how long it has taken them to fix his wheel. I don't know if I would go back...last time they did a tune-up and did something weird with the shifting. I said this is odd...they said it's normal...I said I've ridden over 10k with the bike..I *know* what is normal with it...they fiddled with it for less than a couple of minutes and problem solved.

Urbane Cyclist is pretty good and very friendly. My g/f uses them and she thinks they know what they are doing.
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Sep 4, 2003
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Try this:

Online Retailer 416-241-6480 detail
Bike Bodygear 613-7221472 detail
Bike Mobile 416-410-5343 detail - detail 647-209-2469 detail
Campyman's World 416-885-3833 detail
Cargo Sport Utility Trailers 519-820-0127 detail
Detour Publications 416-338-5087 detail
Harvester Bike Co. 905-709-2614 detail 416-455-6234 detail
Under The Weather 416-465-4439 detail
Cyclissimo Sports & Equipment Inc 160 Wellington St. E., Unit #3 905-727-2054 detail
Cycle Solutions (Beach) 615 Kingston Rd 416-691-0019 detail
Epic Cycling 1767 Queen St. East 416-694-9353 detail
Fred's Sports 2261 Queen St East 416-698-2849 detail
Polly's Recycle 1292 Queen St East 416-461-4312 detail
Velotique 1596 Queen St. East 416-466-3171 detail
Bloor West
Broadway Cycle 1222 Bloor St. West 416-531-1028 detail
Brown's Sports & Cycle 2447 Bloor St. West 416-763-4176 detail
Cyclepath (Bloor West) 1204 Bloor St. West 416-533-4481 detail
High Park Cycle & Sports 2878 Dundas St West 416-614-6689 detail
Newson's Bike & Skate Exchange 612 Jane St 416-762-9976 detail
Racer Sportif 2214 Bloor St. West 416-769-5731 detail
Set Me Free (High Park) 381 Roncesvalles Ave 416-532-4147 detail
Wheels of Bloor 2007-B Bloor St West 416-762-9119 detail
Benjamin Sports 393 Donlands Ave 416-429-0493 detail
Biseagal 388 Carlaw Ave, Unit 102H, North-Rear of the building 416-466-2212 detail
City Cycle 1041 Gerrard St. East 416-466-1225 detail
Cogs Cycle 1 Howland Rd 416-465-7677 detail
Cycle Therapy 1233 Dundas Street East 416-778-6473 detail
Cyclemania (Danforth) 113 Danforth Ave. 416-466-0330 detail
Cyclepath (Danforth) 1510 Danforth Ave. 416-463-5346 detail
Trail Blazer Cycles 1282 Danforth Ave 416-463-0431 detail
Cavern Cycles 179 Queen St. East 416-203-2565 detail
Cycle Shoppe 630A Queen St West 416-703-9990 detail
Cycle Solutions (Cabbagetown) 444 Parliament St 416-972-6948 detail
Duke's Cycle 625 Queen St. West 416-504-6138 detail
Europe Bound (Front St) 47 Front St East 416-601-1990 detail
Europe Bound (King St) 383 King St West 416-205-9992 detail
Hogtown Skateboard & Snowboard 401 King West 416-598-4192 detail
Mountain Equipment Coop 400 King St West 416-340-2667 detail
Parts Unknown Alleyway next to Segovia Meats on Augusta St - detail
Set Me Free (Little Italy) 653 College St 416-516-6493 detail
Urbane Cyclist 180 John St 416-979-9733 detail
Velotech 884 College St 416-536-1489 detail
Wheel Excitement 249 Queen's Quay West, Unit 110 416-260-9000 detail
Daial Cycle & Sports 555 Burnhamthorpe Road 416-620-6900 detail
Winterborne Bicycles 180 Southgate Drive 519-826-0556 detail
Caledon Hills Cycling 15640 McLaughlin Road 905-838-1698 detail
Braun's Bicycle & Fitness 27 Scott Street 519-579-2453 detail
True North Cycles Limited 10 Dumart Place, Unit #5 519-585-0600 detail
Maple Cycle and Sports 2563 Major Mackenzie Dr 905-832-2453 detail
Cyclepath (Markham) 29 Main St. North 905-294-8955 detail
Wheels N Boards 4560 Hwy 7 905-470-1630 detail
Metro North
Bayview Cycle Centre 3335 Bayview Ave 416-225-2633 detail
Bike Depot 7043 Yonge St 905-881-7474 detail
Burl's Cycle and Sports 3005 Sheppard Ave. East 416-491-9601 detail
Cyclepath (North York) 5330 Yonge St 416-512-2538 detail
Enduro Sport 35 Coldwater Road 416-449-0432 detail
Silent Sports 113 Doncaster 905-889-3772 detail
Spokes n' Slopes 89 Ontario St North (Hwy 25) 905-876-7676 detail
The Fitness Technique 207 Main St. E. 888-573-6350 detail
Bike Zone 501 Lakeshore Road West 905-278-5573 detail
Canadian Sportrent 1651 Lakeshore Rd West 905-855-7208 detail
Cyclepath (Creditview) 1170 Burnhamthorpe Road West 905-848-4481 detail
Gears Bike & Ski Shop 176 Lakeshore Rd. West 905-271-2400 detail
MBS Tandems 2694 Keynes Crescent 905-824-9364 detail
Re-my Sport 222 Queen St. South 905-821-1077 detail
Skiis & Biikes 1970 Dundas St East 905-896-1206 detail
BikeSports 47 Main St South 905-953-1609 detail
Cyclepath (Oakville) 500 Speers Rd. 905-338-0783 detail
Oakville Cycle and Sports 120 Cross Avenue 905-844-4394 detail
Recumbent Trikes - Canada 1415 Cunningham Crescent 705-326-6958 detail
Bicycles Plus 423 Bloor Street West 905-436-6040 detail
Maca Over Limits 1280 Northmount Street 905-432-3502 detail
Bay Cycles & Sports 980 Brock Rd 905-837-1433 detail
Pedal Performance 1050 Brock Rd South 905-837-2906 detail
Richmond Hill
BikeSports 10133 Yonge St 905-737-8415 detail
The Bicycle Spokesman 10212A Yonge St 905-737-4343 detail
Bicycle Warehouse 390 Progress Ave., Unit #6 416-321-2521 detail
Winning Cycle and Sports 4271 Sheppard Ave E 416-298-1773 detail
Boyd's Source for Sports 21 Ringwood Drive 905-640-6657 detail
Toronto East
D'Ornellas Bike Shop 1894 Lawrence Ave East 416-752-3838 detail
Warren Cycle Works 890 Queen St. East 416-466-6958 detail
Toronto North
Bicycle Depot 829 Albion Road 416-741-1452 detail
Bicycle Specialties 45 Cranfield Road 416-423-0456 detail
Cyclepath (North Toronto) 2106 Yonge St 416-487-1717 detail
La Bicicletta 1180 Castlefield 416-762-2679 detail
Mountain Bike Madness 7717 Yonge St 905-881-3435 detail
Sandy's Cycle Shop 115 Laird Dr 416-467-1035 detail
Skiis and Biikes (Don Mills) 896 Don Mills Rd 416-391-0654 detail
Spokes And Sports 1889 Avenue Rd 416-787-6238 detail
Sport Swap 2063 Yonge St 416-481-0249 detail
Sporting Life (North Toronto) 2665 Yonge St 416-485-1611 detail
Sporting Life Bikes 2454 Yonge St 416-485-4440 detail
ZM Cycle & Fitness Ltd 2055 Dufferin St 416-652-0080 detail
Toronto West
Bike Place 3096 Dundas St. West 416-766-1085 detail
Chain Reaction Bicycles 4231 Dundas St West 416-234-5300 detail
Duke's Sports & Cycle 3876 Bloor St West 416-233-2011 detail
McBride Cycle 2923 Dundas St West 416-763-5652 detail
Pavan Cycle 2601 Matheson Blvd East, Unit #24 905-624-6614 detail
Queen's Bike Shop 1537-A Queen St West 416-538-2140 detail
Sporting Life (Sherway) Sherway Gardens 416-620-7750 detail
Star Cycle & Sports 2111 Jane 416-249-0676 detail
All Wheels Inc 2700 Dufferin St 416-536-2604 detail
Bathurst Cycle 913 Bathurst St 416-533-7510 detail
Bicycles at St. Clair 625 St. Clair Ave West 416-654-6187 detail
Bikes On Wheels 309 Augusta Ave 416-966-2453 detail
Curbside Cycle 412 Bloor St West 416-920-4933 detail
Cyclemania (Ossington) 863 Bloor West 416-533-0080 detail
Downtown Cycle 368 College St 416-923-8189 detail
L & J Cycle 1144 Davenport Rd 416-656-5293 detail
La Carrera Cycles 195A Harbord Street 416-538-1203 detail
On the Go 975 Bloor Street West 416-532-6264 detail
Pedlar Cycles 152 Avenue Rd 416-968-7100 detail
Rack Attack 127 Laird Dr 416-424-1201 detail
The Bike Joint 290-1/2 Harbord St 416-532-6392 detail
Impala Bicycles 1818 Dundas Street East 905-434-4530 detail
Triketrails 1621 McEwen Drive, Unit 24 905-434-1409 detail
Cyclepath (Woodbridge) 90 Wings Rd, Unit 24 905-850-4481 detail
Pedal Performance 8633 Weston Road, Unit #2 & 3 905-850-4099 detail
York Bikes 8001 Jane St 905-669-2692 detail

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May 10, 2003
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how about prices? are there places that are cheaper for the same quality? cuz I know some places try to rip u off
Jan 18, 2007
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InVita Sport is a great bike shop that specializes in Wilier and Pinarello road bikes. The shop carries Campagnolo and Shimano components and lots of top of the line clothing for serious cyclists. All the mechanics are Winterborne certified too. If you're really into cycling check this shop out, you won't be sorry. Great people, very helpful and trustworthy. Go to for more info.
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Jun 23, 2004
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Beautiful Downtown S…
In Scarborough I have always been happy with D'ornellas on Lawrence.
They have a great selection of tools, bikes, parts and accessories . That along with the helpful staff and the fact that they are local to me make them my choice of bike shop.
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Mar 8, 2002
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I'm thinking the OP might've got his bike already ;)
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Sep 29, 2004
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king_nick wrote:
Jun 2nd, 2004 8:52 pm
Also i found a Specialized Hardrock Sport(sweet bike!) for $500, does that seem like an okay deal?
How did ya get the Hardrock for $500 when they have it on sale for $549? Did you have to bargain, cash on hand?

I need a better bike.......I can't stand my Yukon Giant. Too heavy, Too slow.