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Best Buy Boxing Day Laptop Scam

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Dec 25, 2012
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Best Buy Boxing Day Laptop Scam

I waited in line to purchase a new laptop in Ottawa.

When I tried to purchase the laptop I was told it would be well over $150 more because the geek squad already set it up and installed software.

I thought best buy only sold brand new laptops in unopened boxes. This is such a rip off.

I went to another store and the same thing happened. I spoke with people that said they were managers and they just laughed at me and said I should buy it because it was still a good deal.

I will never shop at best buy again.
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Dec 14, 2005
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Mar 11, 2008
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Future Shop did this a few years ago. The OP of that thread escalated the issue way up the chain and eventually a director with the company hand delivered the laptop to him. I believe that one happened at the Metrotown Future Shop in Burnaby BC. Here is a link to that thread. unethical-futureshop-531884/
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Oct 11, 2007
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If they want to do this crap so that people that want pre installed crap then that's fine as long as they have ones without the crap. No way would I want to pay for something that I can easily do myself!
Jun 19, 2010
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Richmond Hill
I actually encountered the exact same thing at the Newmarket Ontario Best Buy location, I was told it was the "last one" and pre-set with "useful software" and would take a "long time" to do a clean install. I was told it would be $114 dollars more on top of the price. That really pissed me off
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Jun 30, 2010
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Hunter316 wrote:
Dec 26th, 2012 5:14 pm
Future Shop did this a few years ago. The OP of that thread escalated the issue way up the chain and eventually a director with the company hand delivered the laptop to him. I believe that one happened at the Metrotown Future Shop in Burnaby BC. Here is a link to that thread. unethical-futureshop-531884/
Stupid part is that its head office that tells them to make these pre-setup laptops.
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Jan 19, 2007
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They do this as "pre-setup" units, but, they're obligated to give you the unit obviously if there are no more in stock of the regular sealed units, it just means they need to run the recovery partition which takes about 10-15 minutes usually, just argue the point.
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Jun 18, 2012
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Do they really wonder why online retailers are killing their business :/
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Aug 26, 2008
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yup, they've been doing this for years(both BB and FS)

the 'theory' is that most ppl will want the set up, and they won't be happy having to wait 2-3(or more) days to get it done since their staff is so busy. so they set it up before the sale. they always over-estimate how many ppl will want the set up and end up trying to 'force' ppl to buy it.

you should be able to refuse to pay for it. it is not a mandatory service, it's not part of the deal, and the product is not 'out of stock' so they should sell to you at the advertised price.

a few years ago this happened with a laptop we bought for my mother from FS. we ended up having to pay for it, there was a huge uproar(stemming from this site), and a letter was issued by somebody 'high up' in the futureshop organization. we printed the letter, went to FS on the 27th(or whenever they opened up the returns desk) and they refunded the set-up fee.
Jan 6, 2010
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Just as some info, all stores were sent instructions that when brand new laptops were sold out, and only the setup ones were left, the setup units were to be sold at the normal price without any add ons to the customer if the customer declined the extras. The store(s) that did this were actually breaking the rules. I would call 1-866-BESTBUY and escalate a ticket for a refund. Company policy is not to charge in the case of new units being sold out, Best Buy itself is very customer focused, individual stores are usually YMMV however.
Dec 21, 2012
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I went to Best Buy for a laptop too and they said it was sold out except that they had a few that had softwares installed on for extra price.
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Mar 18, 2005
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They do this every year. I'd recommend recording your conversation with them and letting them know you will be contacting BB head offices as well as the Competition Bureau since Bait and Switch Selling in Canada is illegal. If they still refuse, follow through with your threat.

If stores don't want to loose money on laptops, stop advertising such low pricing.
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Mar 2, 2005
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While this is a poor practice, I do not think that it is illegal for them to do so. Its just like vehicles, the vehicle you want is not on the lot and they have a better trim, now if they give it to you at a discounted price its upto them but they are not obliged to do so.

Similar principle applies to laptops or computer units, once they add something to do it, the base SKU remains the same but with the addons, its technically not the same laptop anymore. Software is part of the price just as much as hardware is. We all know M$ reaps in the biggest profit on these machines.

I agree with what evil baby said, if it doesn't make money, they shouldn't sell it. Having said that, I am pretty sure their GHQ has some to do with it, their managers aren't smart enough to do this on their own. If someone raises hell, he gets shut up with bribes, all others can return home empty handed. Its a business after all.
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May 14, 2010
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speaking of best buy. I bought a laptop with windows 8 on the 23rd

The non-commission sales guy tells me how with windows 8 its different.

I didn't memorize the conversion but he said things like.

It doesn't have a UI like the past versions did,
Laptops are cheaper because they stopped installing Windows so they don't need the tech that would have installed it.
That it takes 6 hours to set up.
That if I make a mistake I cant fix it or bring it to them.
That I needed to be or have a computer tech set it up.

He wanted me to buy the $149.99 package you mentioned. Thankfully I decided to take my chances and Windows 8 took 15 minutes to setup.
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Jun 19, 2001
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Ellen roseman covered this in a past year. You'll get what you want if you make a small effort. If you didn't buy it because of the extra fee, you'll probably end up with a better one if they can't supply the same one as advertised. You have to make a little effort (beyond just whining here). it absolutely is bait and switch