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[Best Buy] Fido 3GB LTE Data Plan $15, 2 year contract + LG G Pad IV 8" free + 100 CAD gift card

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  • Apr 3rd, 2018 2:06 pm
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Balzard wrote:
Mar 25th, 2018 5:57 pm
Since it's almost impossible to get only the Data plan now, the workaround is to signup for a voice plan too, but only to cancel that voice plan by porting that number afterwards. And I think the cheapest way to do so is by porting to voip.ms. You obviously wouldn't port out the number associated with the Data plan, or it would cancel the very plan you wish to keep.
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Is this deal still active?

If not, please move this to expired deal.
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Dec 21, 2011
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I'm sorry that this is two weeks delayed, but I thought I'd share my good experience with nabbing this deal

Walked into the Best buy at Yonge & Eglington here in Toronto on March 10th since the one in North York didn't have any LG tablets left and wouldn't allow me to sign up and later on return to collect a new stock.

Had a very friendly rep named Catherine (short, asian) handle all the setup. She asked me at first if I'm an existing Fido customer, to which I said "Yes, I've been with Rogers for many years now". She replied "Okay, good" and continued the setup with no further questions asked about my account with Rogers and lack of account with Fido. Perhaps it's just policy to ask, but she clearly didn't authenticate my statement.

She clearly explained all the features of the plan to me, being very diligent to not miss any information and to ensure that I would be receiving the 3GB promo, not the 2GB (a couple of times she contacted another rep on the phone, possibly a Fido employee).
Because she didn't have any new stock of the LG tablet, she offered me an open-box model. To compensate, she added another $50 to the $100 gift card promo (which I never asked about, so that's a huge bonus as well).
Altogether, the process took 40 minutes, and I happily walked out of the store with a new cheap plan, free LG tablet, and $150 gift card (I didn't ask about cashing it out, so for now I'll hold onto it and later on consider exchanging it online). In three months time I'll attempt to get the 100% off offer.

The next day I requested to port my Rogers number over to Fongo. It took about three days and $25, and I was able to use my phone just fine during that entire time. I also added Fongo's 6 month SMS bundle.
So far the Fongo experience on the iPhone has been decent, and completely manageable. Call quality is pretty good. No dropouts, just fuzzy at times when deep within a concrete building, which is totally understandable.
Over time I hope contacts will text me via my iMessage-email-address. Most have been texting my ported-number, which will show up within Fongo. I simply reply to their message through iMessage with my email address, and the conversation continues there. Minor confusion, but they get over it fast.

I would like to thank all contributors who've made it much easier to know how to obtain this deal. I'm so pleased to have a plan that is 50% cheaper while offering 12x the data I had before. Thank you all.
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Feb 25, 2015
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Deal expired - G Pad 4 is now $149 on a 2-year contract.
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