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[Best Buy] Honeywell TurboForce 18" Floor Fan (HF910CV3) - $47.99

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  • Jun 18th, 2019 11:06 pm
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Dec 5, 2006
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[Best Buy] Honeywell TurboForce 18" Floor Fan (HF910CV3) - $47.99

Been waiting to buy another one of these fans for a while and finally found it on sale. I'm rather diligent about putting large fans in my windows as soon as it's cooler outside than inside and this is the best one I've used so far. Not too noisy and pushes a lot of air. Regular price on it is anywhere from $60-75. A $0.95 environment fee was added when ordering.

This fan seems to get a fair number of bad reviews but mine works great. It needs a bit of lubricating once in a while (every few months to a year), maybe some people aren't prepared to do that.
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Jan 27, 2014
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I have a $80 standing tower Honeywell fan from last summer. It's incredible. Quietest fan ever. You literally cannot tell it's even running. I need a super quiet fan to sleep.
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Jan 22, 2008
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I find that putting fans in the window doesn't help anymore than just leaving the windows open. Doesn't make sense to me really, but the thermometer doesn't lie.