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[Best Buy] Best Buy: Rogers HD PVR 8300HD: $300 - $25 = $275

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  • Jan 25th, 2009 3:23 am
Jan 3, 2008
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fyi - I went to BB at Bay and Dundas last night (~7pm) and the sales guy said it is on sale for $299 so I ended up picking one up for that price.

Background...The Rogers rep there suggested you had to buy a tv to get that price and that it was an error but another customer and I said BB should honor it b/c technically on the flyer (pg 16 I think, not pg 14) it doesn't say anything about having to buy a tv. A sales rep was standing next to us when we said that and he seemed resigned to that fact and said, yes, it is on sale for $299. I did try FS for a pm but they seemed ready for me and said flat out they would not pm (orders for HQ, or so they say) b/c BB retracted the price earlier in the day.

Anyway, bottom line is that as of last night, BB was offering up $299 for it. YMMV I suppose but give it a shot!
Apr 26, 2007
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I bought this last month for $385, and around noon I walked into the Bay and Dundas store and got $85 + tax back thanks to price protection! Woohoo!

The associate checked their inventory computer and said it's showing at $499 so I told her to check bestbuy.ca and she immediately signed off on it, no questions asked. I guess this was VERY close to the same time they increased the price for the 2nd time in 2 days, back to $499.
Dec 11, 2005
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Went to FS at 403 and Dundas with the BB flyer to get a price match last night but they said that in order to get it at that price I had to purchase a TV. They said that they called BB and BB requires a TV purchase to get that price.
I then went over to BB at 403 and Dundas, picked up a box and went straight to the cashier and it rang up as $499. I showed the cashier the flyer and they corrected the price to $299.
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Nov 17, 2004
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Whohoo...I called Best Buy support yesterday to complain about how the following coupon code wasn't working when I tried to apply it to my order that I placed at $299 online and they said they would open a ticket and investigate it. I explained to them that this coupon is valid until Dec 23.

$25 off over $250
Taken from: http://www.redflagdeals.com/forums/show ... buy+coupon

I got an e-mail last night saying to call in and they would manually discount the order. Did just that, and they applied the $25 off coupon to my order making it $275 + shipping + tax = $318.64!

If anyone was able to order the HD-PVR at $299.99 online successfully, call 1-866-237-8289 and complain about the above coupon not working. They will hopefully allow a manual discount to be applied similar to what happened to me!
Apr 11, 2004
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I want to the Bestbuy Whitby Friday for my pickup and they wouldn't honour the $299 price. I went Sunday to try another sales rep. It rang up as $499. I showed her my email confirmation showing $299 and she changed the price no problem.
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Feb 24, 2004
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My online order was shipped today ($299.99). No TV purchase necessary.

The price is back up to $499 on the BB website.

Apr 26, 2007
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I think this deal is dead, best case scenario is YMMV. Mods perhaps want to edit the thread title?
Dec 15, 2008
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FS in Markham just PM...they rang up a 15" Insignia TV for $199 and then did a return so I could get the HDPVR at $299...Just showed them the flyer without page 14.
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May 26, 2006
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ibmprmgr wrote:
Dec 16th, 2008 1:58 pm
FS in Markham just PM...they rang up a 15" Insignia TV for $199 and then did a return so I could get the HDPVR at $299...Just showed them the flyer without page 14.
Which FS in markham?
Dec 18, 2008
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Rogers 8300HD PVR is on sale again (without TV purchase) at BEST BUY for $349.99.

Listed at Future Shop for $499, so I showed them BB's flyer and they price matched minus 10% difference...$349.99 - $15 = $334.99 (+ tax)

It's not $299...but it's not bad.
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