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  • Nov 9th, 2018 11:34 pm
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Nov 28, 2013
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bembol wrote:
Nov 8th, 2018 5:39 pm
I didn't feel like writing an essay.

Base on Value and Customer Service.

Again this is base on my experience.

I feel Customer Service is more important than getting the cheapest or fastest. Fido overall is the best, I'm actually thinking of dumping Roger's too.

Fido has the best customer service, best value. Plans are cheaper, unlike Roger's they offered me $100 credit on my last two upgrades, reliable, offer the 5 extra hours, gotten a free Swiss Chalet meal with them.
Nobody's asking for an essay, but SOME description of the ranking would at least make sense to include. Lol.

And see, your ranking customer service above just about everything would be pretty important, if it was me asking for advice, because for me? Customer service provides zero value. I was with Rogers for 10 years. The only time I ever called customer service was the 2-3 times a year they screwed up my bill and overcharged me (gotta love those random "data roaming in Bulgaria when you were actually in Ireland with data roaming turned off before you left the country" charges!), or when I had to call in to beg for a deal on a phone upgrade without having to bump my plan up another 20 bucks a month. I've saved well over $2000 since leaving them two years ago (first to Public Mobile, and then to Koodo), between my wife and myself, including 3 separate phone upgrades... And my 2 interactions with customer service on both of my new providers have been perfectly fine (neither of which were screw ups on the new providers part, I should add - one time was me purchasing the wrong add-on from Public mobile and requesting a refund over their forums, easy peasy, the other time was calling in to Koodo to get the 6GB migration plan for my wife after she had migrated 2 days earlier with the 4GB plan).

@sportznutt needs to give us some more deets though, before any of us can make a real recommendation on what would be the best carrier for his particular situation. Until we know what he's currently paying for his 4 lines, first of all, we can't make any kind of recommendation. Maybe he's actually getting a really good deal, but it only *seems* expensive? :)
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Dec 4, 2017
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The discussion so far seems to gloss over the parts of the original post wherein it's made clear that network service is the most important parameter.

"she’s out on the road and needs to reply to clients as soon as possible"
"she wouldn’t want to have a call fail or no reception"
"live in Hamilton and most of her work and travel is in major areas"

and roaming, somewhat: "She also would like the ease to do that in the USA if she’s there, but rarely is she there for more than a few hours"

Customer service may be important, if it's ever needed, but that ranking should happen within the context of of high network quality.

Here are my rankings for network service, and it's a happy coincidence that today's network can be ranked in a single order on two parameters: coverage and reliability.

1. Bell/Telus shared network (Bell, Telus, Koodo, Virgin, PC Mobile, Lucky, Public)

2. Rogers network (Rogers, Fido, PetroCan, SpeakOut, CityFone, Primus, and many other boutique MVNO brands)

3. Freedom

I did not include Videotron or other regional operators on there because I don't know how well they run their local networks or how well they hand off to roaming partners within Canada.

I'm sure that many people are satisfied with the Rogers network in major areas. I am still happy to be away from them because of their years-long unreliable 3G network performance in crowds, peak periods, and rural areas. I have a Fido 3GB data-only account as an experiment, but I'd use Koodo for further lines of that type, now that they offer it. I also have a PetroCan talk/text prepaid account, but only because it's for a novelty 2G-only handset. My primary lines are on PC Mobile and Koodo, each on plans that are far cheaper than the "street" rates that one would see on the carriers' Web sites. The PC Mobile one is grandfathered and the Koodo one is entirely thanks to being here on RFD. I procured three other cut-rate Koodo plans for family and friends this year.

The only roadblock to my wholeheartedly recommending Koodo as the best overall postpaid provider is that, while their CSRs have always given good service, there aren't enough of them, and there is a systemic barrier to getting to them if one calls 611 (workaround is to call the toll-free external number). Instead, I would recommend picking another provider that uses the Bell/Telus network, based on needs for customer service and roaming. Reception is identical on all of them.

Edit: to the OP: no one has addressed GPS because virtually all smartphones today have good GPS service. The only limitation would be the inability to use relevant maps if there is no data to get the maps. There are good and free apps (such as Here WeGo) that allow downloading of persistent maps before travelling.
Feb 27, 2007
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arkane wrote:
Nov 7th, 2018 9:29 pm

When I got my first smartphone about a year and half ago, I was so afraid of blowing the data cap I used wifi and airplane mode religiously. I think I managed something crazy like 350 MB the first month, and half of it was due to running speed tests. Face With Tears Of Joy

I know I'm in the extreme minority, but I always raise an eyebrow when I hear someone say they "need" 10GB of data a month.
U r upgraded to minority only Winking Face . . . I'm the extreme minority, just started with data plan few days ago with Fizz. Now that I have data, I don't know what to do/how to test Face With Tears Of Joy
bembol wrote:
Nov 8th, 2018 3:34 pm
Except Public Mobile, I've tried them all.

Fido > Rogers > Virgin Mobile > Bell > Koodo > Freedom Mobile > Telus
If OP is in Quebec, there're Videotron + Fizz also.

If Fido Customer Service is considered best, Zoomer is better than best!
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Aug 18, 2018
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SFO <==> YYZ

LOL data can be more addictive than crack so make sure you don't use it too much Winking Face
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arkane wrote:
Nov 9th, 2018 11:10 pm
LOL data can be more addictive than crack so make sure you don't use it too much Winking Face
Don’t watch videos on your phone. You’ll be fine. Go nuts.
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Aug 18, 2018
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SFO <==> YYZ
It's not just video, Instagram and Facebook can be huge data hogs too.

But yeah if you avoid the (anti)social media apps and streaming videos you'll be fine for the most part.
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