Best Internet From Incumbants

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Jul 30, 2008
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Best Internet From Incumbants

I'm moving into a brand new apartment building in a couple of weeks. Was gonna stick with carrytel because they've been awesome and so cheap, but apparently since the building is new, Bell/Rogers get exclusivity for 2 years.

Just wondering given the above, what would be the best method of me getting the best deal possible. I want internet and nothing else, and I would like 200 200GB of data/month (might take a bit less if the price is right). Currently I have 15M/1M with carrytel, but will be moving in with my gf, so for two people I need slightly more speed. Ideally 25M or more.

I assume since they have a duopoly, they're gonna squeeze me pretty bad (compared to Carrytel which had 15M for $29 and now has 100M for $39), but if anyone has pointers to limit the damage, that would be great.
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