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Best smart LED TV deal - boxing day 2012

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Dec 21, 2012
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Best smart LED TV deal - boxing day 2012

Could someone help me with the best deal for a smart LED TV, im looking for 40-42 inches. I am not interested in 3D TVs. Something between 500 to 700 would be good. I am not too technical but i want something that's better in quality and has nice features/apps. Samsung, SONY or LG look good to me.
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Nov 7, 2009
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did you get in on that newegg LG 42inch 42LM5800 3D tv for $480 shipped? or you missed it

price gone up to 599 before taxes with coupon and only 2 prs of glasses now :lol: ... 9005395CVF
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Jan 18, 2010
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Also interested in Smart LED but in the 50-55" range. Not interested in 3D. Any suggestions.
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May 25, 2009
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Im interested in a Smart 3D Plasma in the 50-55 range.. After reading a bit about LED and Plasma, I've concluded that Plasma is the way to go!
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Feb 6, 2004
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Sadly you won't find many mid to higher end 50''+ LED's with smartTV + 120-240 mhz without 3D, at the for those without 3D you may have to get a 1-2 yr old model, or you could sell the glasses like I did. Oh yeah like the other poster stated I'd avoid LG and stick with LED's by Sam/Sony/Sharp/Panasonic.

Strangely enough looking at last 2yrs flyers, I'm pretty sure many of the LED's went up in price this year compared to the last yrs.
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Aug 14, 2009
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What about 70" ? I cant find any where under $2200 range
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