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Best video game system for 4-8yr olds

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  • Nov 21st, 2012 10:03 am
Mar 29, 2010
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Thanks for the opinions guys. The new WiiU looks a little overkill for young kids so im thinking the older Wii possibly.
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Dec 30, 2010
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JackWhyte wrote:
Nov 19th, 2012 9:24 am
the best bang for the buck? an old gamecube with a stack of 1st party mario, zelda, kirby, dk games. tons of great kids titles on that and it's very cheap.

if you want current gen then I'd stay far away from the xbox 360 as it has very few little kids games and is child-unfriendly with a shooter mentality (which I love btw). either the ps3 (for the ratchet and clank franchise alone) or the wii (mario city) are better choices. I don't know about the wii u and giving a 4 year old control over that irreplaceable lcd controller. one mishap and you're in line at 1-800 nintendo support to beg for another at 100 dollars+ or who knows how much?
I would probably recommend the wii since its more oriented towards OP's kids age, but at that age I kinda would avoid video games and just go play outside.

If anything, I'm recommending the PS3 for LBP and Ratchet and Clank. Yeah, LBP does connect with other players online but a chunk of the players are children too. My little brother played LBP2 for over a year and he still goes back to it. He played Ratchet and Clank All-4-one for awhile but stopped with that (that was so repetitive it hurts my brain, I don't understand how kids find that fun). After I platinumed it he got discouraged due to one of the mirror reflectors trophy and didn't want to play it again to platinum after he saw the trouble I went through (which wasn't that bad).

In order I would recommend the wii>PS3>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>360 (dead last because the typical manly death bro shooters are the last thing your kid needs).

But I would just get a 3DS. Pokemon+ Super Mario 3D land is enough for my little brother to play endlessly.


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