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Mar 27, 2003
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Best way to find new workers.

Do you have any tips to find good workers?

*Should I post on RFD?* :P
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Aug 2, 2001
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I'm assuming it's some sort of fast-food franchise?

If so, your target market is teens. What's about the only way to advertise to them? One of those big billboards outside the place stating "Now hiring". Hell, even take the opportunity to put a special on it too.

This will get the attention of the teens that live around there (As those are probably the most likely to apply) and the parents driving by (Who want their kids to get a job).
Nov 2, 2003
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So weekdays 6am to 7pm, at minimum wages?

High school students, immigrants and the elderly. I don't see any other major market willing to earn those wages.

Ethnic community news papers, seniors homes, community centres, high school ads... ?
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Mar 30, 2002
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Blunt wrote: *Should I post on RFD?* :P
Why not? There's a career section you can post in...

I would stay away from students though, at least high school students as they'll most likely quit on you when school starts and you'll have to hire/train new employees again.

University students could work out great though as they're schedules are very flexible usually.

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