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Best way to get in touch with small business owners

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Apr 11, 2011
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Best way to get in touch with small business owners

I have been working to set up B2B meetings with local business owners (coffee shops, tea shops, etc) to pitch them on our services.
Walking in has been tough since the decision makers aren't usually around and even if they are, they may not be interested to talk business on the spot.
I have had some success with email marketing but the replies are scarce.
Calling by phone runs into the same problem of not being able to reach the decision maker.

Wanted to get some advice as to what other methods I can try. TIA!
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Nov 17, 2004
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You may have some success with Linked in premium. It’ll allow you to msg people and if you’re diplomatic and polite about it, they may take the time to check out your profile (so make sure it explains exactly what you do and your successes- sell yourself!) and offer to do free phone meetings or answer anywr questions over message.

In this day and age where everybody is busy, but very connected, it can be very difficult to tie somebody down for a meeting when they aren’t even sure if they’re interested in your services. But if you give them the offer to respond and ask questions at their own leisure, you may see some success.

I know that as a small business owner, I rarely take calls from people that I don’t know (my senior staff communicate with new and existing clients) and don’t set meeting except with clients or people that I reach out to personally. I pretty much never return calls from people selling me any services, as I usually tech out first. If I get an interesting mag that’s pertinent to me, I’ll actually quickly read it, and if I’m interested, I’ll reach out myself.

I’m not sure if everybody else agrees, but that’s my take on it.
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Aug 15, 2015
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Have you done research on your local business (your target)? How does your service meet their need? If your service meet their need, how is your service better than the current service they are receiving? Depending on the type of service, it could be a lot of work getting people to switch to your service. Are you talking about small business or micro business?

I don't know what type of business you are targeting but there are different types of districts (ie fashion district) for reasons.