which is better..BCAA or ICBC Roadside Plus?

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  • May 10th, 2010 6:53 pm
Jan 22, 2004
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which is better..BCAA or ICBC Roadside Plus?

hello guys,

i currently have the ICBC Roadside Plus aside from being a Roadstar. Do I still need BCAA? i'm driving a 1998 Honda Accord and it is still on top shape but you never know what might happen in the future.

which one is better... BCAA or ICBC Roadside Plus? are they the same or different? i need your inputs, suggestions or recommendations.

thanks. :)
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Aug 7, 2005
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I've had BCAA for a long time and think it's really good. I've used the service many times. Not sure about RS+, but with BCAA, you can use it even if it's not your car, so, even if you're in your friend's car, and he needs to get it towed.

Also, use your BCAA card at Mohawk and Husky and you'll automatically save a percentage of your total bill towards your next BCAA renewal.
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Mar 8, 2005
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bcaa is transferable as well.. if u are stuck in a friends car, u can use your bcaa to get it towed for free.. but as with icbc, its limited to that particular vehicle. and remeber to get those annual free maps if u sign up for bcaa
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Oct 20, 2008
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Coquitlam, BC
Guys, anyway we can shed some light on this some more? This thread is old, but I am thinking about ditching ICBC RoadSide service for BCAA.

Good idea? Bad idea? Recommendations?

I think I am paying $7x.00 for ICBC and I think I'd go for the BCAA Basic Membership ($76.00 + $17 fee).
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Aug 4, 2004
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I don't know about ICBC Roadside, but I know BCAA is great for if you're in the states, etc.

I've had mine ever since I got my license (I'm actually a Premier member) and being able to have free tows up to 160km = awesomeness. I've used it twice in the time I've had it, once for a tow back from just outside Seattle to my shop in Vancouver, and once for a car from Langley to Vancouver. Both times, my towing bill = $0.

I think I pay something like $100/year for my membership, but it definitely beats a towing bill, especially since they offer services such as jump starts and gas drop-off if you accidentally run out of gas.
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May 10, 2005
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I have been a member for so many years I care not to remember. I believe that their only business is roadside assistance (or it started that way). Other companies jumped on the bandwagon when they found out they could make some money.
The Automobile Association is the original and still has all the affiliations with shops, tow operators and repair facilities. Sometimes the first is still the best. I even retained my membership when I get free roadside assistance for the OEM of my new cars.
Plus, their travel help and triptiks are nice.