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Beware the so-called "deals" on Rogers' new RDeals website

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  • Feb 13th, 2013 9:50 pm
Feb 5, 2013
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Beware the so-called "deals" on Rogers' new RDeals website

First time posting - so outrageous I had to!

I ordered this item: ... /kitchener

Received a package from (although original item was supposedly from ... et-in-gray)

The jewelry I ordered had elegant detailing and was supposed to be white gold plated. Instead I got a cheap looking piece of junk that only vaguely resembles the advertised item. The clasp is like a key chain clasp, it's definitely not gold plated (looks like it's sloppily covered in some shiny dark paint) the earring "pearls"(?) are way smaller proportionally than in the photo... etc etc.

[IMG] ... rison2.jpg[/IMG]

The clasp:

[IMG] ... /clasp.jpg[/IMG]

Tried contacting RDeals. 30 minutes on hold before being unceremoniously disconnected. Called back, 20 minutes on hold before someone answered. They were no help whatsoever. He unenthusiastically took down my complaint and told me that it's not their responsibility to deal with this and that I should contact the merchant. "beebabop" ignored my email and they don't have any other contact info on the website. I guess RDeals doesn’t actually make sure that the "deals" they offer are legitimate and not a scam.

My next stop is BBB and I guess demanding my money back from RDeals. Very disappointing ordeal because I actually wanted the set (as advertised) and planned to give it as a gift.

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Jan 4, 2008
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Why do people actually bother with the BBB? It's a scam

BBB's are NOT government agencies. BBB's are not non profit "charities"
BBB's are in business to sell advertising and memberships to company owners.
They are franchises and they make substantial profits for their owners.
The staff who handle complaints are uneducated, unskilled high school grads at best, who are often stupid and gullible enough to work for free. They have no business experience. They have no training. They are there for window dressing.

Some are there strictly as telemarketers to sell advertising and memberships

Warning posted on CanLaw

"The scandal-plagued Toronto office of the Better Business Bureau
closed in May 2001 following a decade of
questionable practices and criminal accusations."
Lindsay Royston From the November 2005 issue of Canadian Business magazine

Your best bet is to try to get a full and complete refund, if that doesn't happen do a charge back on your credit card. you obviously didn't get what you expected
Jul 19, 2011
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Just FYI, any jewellery from any deal site is like this. Pretty much everything sold on them now is made in China junk.
Feb 5, 2013
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Thank you for the responses.
I didn't realize the BBB was so untrustworthy. It's too bad there is no organization out there to help consumers. ):
And yes, I will not be buying any more jewellery online.

So disappointing. And it's insulting they thought people wouldn't notice/complain. What a scam.
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Mar 30, 2011
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If you purchased with your creditcard file a chargeback on the basis of fraud.

If you purchased with Paypal file a chargeback and include the picture comparing the advertised vs received. Claim that the received is counterfeit/knockoff. Paypal will you get to destroy the 'counterfeit/knockoff' item rather than paying to send it back.
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Jul 24, 2008
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Reminds me of this:


Will file a chargeback on my credit card next time I eat at McDonalds!
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Apr 7, 2012
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Hahhaha .. I can barely believe people are still falling for this!
Feb 5, 2013
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After waiting several days between RDeals' responses (horrible customer service BTW -- although Beebabop is even worse as they never replied at all) I finally got through to a rep that agreed to refund the purchase and credit $5 for shipping this cheap junk back. (Alternatively they offered a different chain, but obviously I don't trust Beebabop and it's not like the chain was the only issue with this item.)

Out of curiosity I also googled the original photo and the set in the picture apparently sells for 30-99 cents(!) on Alibaba. So crazy! ... pearl.html

I can only imagine how cheap the imitation I received was, since it wasn't even as nice as the one in the picture! Obviously a good lesson for future...

I also saw this: ... t_id=19783 An even more outrageous description and "discount".

Anyway, I wonder what other customers who got this item thought. I hope everyone complains and RDeals does a better job vetting their "deals" in future.