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Nov 27, 2012
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Black friday spokane

Had a wonderful trip to the great city of Spokane for Black Friday. Best deals at Target and Shopko. Worst experience at YANKEE CANDLE at the North Town Mall. Walked around the shop for about an hour picking and choosing over $100 worth. I was displaying a button stating I was on a bus tour from ALBERTA CANADA. the sales person helping me even commented on it. When I got ready to pay, asking for my Tax exemption she refused saying the store no longer gives it.
Every store that we had been to complied except YANKEE CANDLE. I refused to buy my items and then went out to the bus of 48 women to tell my tale and warn them not to waste their time in YANKEE CANDLE.
I have been purchasing from them both locally and on-line for years but never again.
I don't think I would have been so upset, if the salesperson, when seeing my large pin stating, Alberta, Canada had told me about the situation when I walked in the store.
Did any other Albertan's have the same situation while in Washington!
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Feb 26, 2006
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uh. you already spent a hour. and however much energy after the fact talking about it, writing about it.. and for what. a cost of 8bucks in tax? So you're out all the stuff you wanted which was discounted, plus whatever obvious anguish you've put yourself through.. for sub 10bucks.

Sometimes, people lose sight of what is material. What dollar amount really makes a difference. If you factor in the overall savings on all the stuff on BF from Yankee Candle you were buying, add the tax they asked you to pay. You've still a significant net savings.