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Black Market Cell (MB/SK/QC) Phone Plans SCAM on Kijiji: One to AVOID

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  • Jan 2nd, 2018 12:02 pm
Aug 5, 2010
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Richmond Hill

Black Market Cell (MB/SK/QC) Phone Plans SCAM on Kijiji: One to AVOID

While this may come as a surprise to NO ONE, not all kijiji cell phone plan resellers are honest (the big more notable ones are probably fine, this is not about them). I had a fantastic experience with one 3 years ago for my partners plan. That person was responsive, communicative, and only took payment after the plan was finalized. A perfect transaction. Very satisfied.

Unfortunately, in September, I needed a new phone/plan asap and went to one that seemed fine. His fee was fair, he only communicated over text (oh well) and he was clear about the plan features and said he could finalize everything fairly quickly. Unfortunately things went south from there, he demanded half payment now (more than he had originally stated as the price). But I was stuck. old phone was broken. Had already used more minutes/data so I couldn't return the device. He had me. I complied with everything and now 3 months later after countless assurances from him that he would apply the "discount" to bring the total monthly plan charge to the correct promised amount, he has completely cut off communication.

I am stuck with a plan that is $31 more per month than he advertised the plan as.

He goes by Henry (doubt its his real name). He is ALL OVER Kijiji. He used to offer TELUS/KOODO/BELL/ROGERS. Now he ONLY offers Rogers. It is likely he no longer has the ability to apply discounts to the other carriers and that is why he's ignoring me and only offering Rogers plans.

I will be going to my provider and reporting him so they can investigate if he works for them or has someone on the inside that made the SK plan changes. I don't mind paying off the device balance if it means he can no longer defraud unwitting clients.

His number is 647-497-0988

Avoid him at all costs.
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Apr 23, 2017
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Holy smokes! I’ve messaged this guy looking for an 8-10gb plan since I missed out on the huge promo the big 3 was offering. Take a look at what he said.
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