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Bluetooth headphone for PC and iPhone

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Jul 27, 2009
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Bluetooth headphone for PC and iPhone

I have a laptop that doesn't have bluetooth. I would like to listen to music and chat on this laptop wireless. I read that I can get a bluetooth dongle that can be used to pair with a bluetooth headphone. So it looks like I need to get two pieces of devices but is anyone selling these together so that I don't get into any issues and also hopefully save on the cost? I would also like that this headphone work with a iPhone but I don't think that is a problem with any bluetooth device that supports a2dp. Appreciate you guys' advice.
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Feb 15, 2005
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You need to buy a CSR 4.0 dongle. It needs to be CSR 4 because it supports APT-X for better quality BT audio. DX has one for $6.99, item#162123. Probably less on ebay.

Then, pick up an LG HBS-730 for $70 from newegg. DX and meritline now sell clones for around $30-$40. Meritline has the clone for $32 today.

I have both the 700 & 730. The 700 has better RF performance while the 730 has better sound and far superior bass. I've only used the devices on a Nokia N8, Note 1, Note 3, and S2x. I'm sure it'll work on an iphone but without APT-X.

Once connected to your laptop, adjust the sounds to use the bluetooth headset.


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