Blumhouse to adapt Frozen Hell (aka The Thing)

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  • Jan 29th, 2020 7:17 pm
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Dec 14, 2016
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Blumhouse to adapt Frozen Hell (aka The Thing)

https://collider.com/the-thing-remake-u ... blumhouse/
Colldier wrote:The main gist of this news is that Universal and Blumhouse are teaming up to “fast-track” a new version of The Thing. But hold on, because things get kind of complicated:

John Carpenter‘s The Thing is, undoubtedly, a horror classic. If if you’ve never actually seen it—and shame on you if you haven’t, hypothetical person—you know at least one of the practical nightmares conjured up by the master. (The chest chomp? Come on.) But it turns out neither The Thing nor its 1951 predecessor The Thing From Another World were technically the full vision of author John W. Campbell Jr., who wrote the novella both films were based on, Who Goes There? That full vision would, in fact, be Frozen Hell, the novel-length version of Who Goes There? that was only unearthed in 2018, and Universal and Blumhoise reportedly plan to adapt into a feature film.
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Nov 21, 2002
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the first was a classic the second was mis cast and this????? So I get wary of things when people remake a classic and use words like new version.

I think we don't need a re-telling we need holes filled. We need explanations.