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Bodysuits are now mainstream

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  • May 11th, 2017 1:10 pm
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Jan 12, 2008
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Bodysuits are now mainstream

Bodysuits are now returnable to retail stores.

Just a couple of months ago during Black Friday and Christmas. Bodysuits were specifically noted that they are final sale on store's return policy.

Today I notice the following retailer no longer specifies that bodysuits are final sale...

Urban Planet
Forever 21
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Aug 5, 2008
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I would definitely avoid buying bodysuits for those stores. Thanks for the heads up, OP. On Tuesday, I went to Yorkdale I tried on a bodysuit at Zara. Then, I went to the M boutique where the employee specifically told me that bodysuits are not to be done up while fitting and that they are final sale, which I was pleased about. I ended up buying the bodysuit for M boutique. Some stores take it very seriously, some don't.
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Mar 14, 2005
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Thanks for the info. However, "mainstream" is not the right word to use in the title.
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