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Boxing day limited quantity items

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  • Dec 21st, 2004 11:51 pm
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Nov 11, 2004
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Geologic wrote:What really sucks is that if it was a week ago, I'd be willing to go around 4 or 5AM, but considering how fast and how sudden it got cold, I doubt I will. last week it was 0 degrees and barely went negative, now its like -20

lol... depends on location man.... yah... toronto does have crappy weather during winter... i've noticed for the last 2 years.... and 4 some reason BC always has good weather... seriously, i live in alberta... and whenever we have snowfall... they like almost always (>90%) have RAINFALL!......

oh yeah.. btw.. last year i came 1 1/2 hr b4 store opened and it was just 0 deg. C, i think.... no rainfall/snowfall.... except maybe little windchill.... :D so depending on location, diff weather of course! luckily no crap weather 4 me last yr during boxing day... i'm hoping 4 da same this year!
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Oct 28, 2003
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Just seems like a complete waste of time. With RFD, I've always managed to get great sales all year around. For example, I went to an electronics sale a couple of weeks ago where everything in store was cost+5%, the only catch was that the prices weren't listed, you just had to ask. I didn't find anything that I wanted because I'd seen everything there at similar prices on sale (like the HK AVR130 which was 399 a couple of months ago at FS, was 414).

Now, maybe, I'm sometimes paying a LITTLE bit more, but still, I'll gladly pay a little bit more than have to put up with the crowds and the chaos. Boxing day is great for people who aren't "professional shoppers" (a nicer way of describing those of us that Best Buy would rather not have as customers). They go out, find a pretty good deal with what they want, and they have something, but the 5 hours they've lost has to be worth something.

But the worst is that stores use the limited quantity loss leaders to scam the public into buying lots of things that aren't really as cheap as you can find them at other times, especially where electronics are concerned. Sad part is that most people don't even get the really cheap stuff.

my 2 cents...
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May 20, 2003
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Toni wrote:Wow, that's some dedication to get the items you want! More than 12 hours in the cold? Any tips on how you last that long in the cold?
A few years ago, Future Shop in Montreal posted in the newspaper that they open at 1am (if I remember this info correctly) on Boxing Day by error and there were actually people lining up at the store at 1am. I saw it on the news. These people were bundled up like the Michelin tire and some people even had a tent set up to protect them from the cold. Well, I guess you may as well set a camp fire to keep yourself warm :cheesygri
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Jul 18, 2003
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The big lines outsides stores generate lots of media coverage, hence lots of hot air and free advertising.

And a lot of stores rely on hot air to sell stuff to people who don't really need it but bought it because of hype.

Just look at eating worms. It's really gross (I'd rather eat dogs). But media generate lots of hype so more and more ppl are willing to pay to try. Gives a good boost to the economy.
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Mar 30, 2004
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mahjongmaniac wrote:i remember last yr i came about 1 1/2 hrs b4 store opened.... and i was like the 100 th person in line... boy were ppl crazy about it..... but lucky me i saw a friend lining up 1st in line!.... so i'm like "hey,... u must've gotten here like 3 hrs b4 i did!" and he told me that he came at 3 am.... wow.... !.... so i was lucky that i "budged" in and was able 2 get in front of 100 ppl and was the 2nd in line :lol: :lol:
can't believe people brag about stuff like this...
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Dec 13, 2004
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I was one of those dumbasses to line up for the free chair....number 13th in there at 8:30 pm

was quite an experience
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