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The BOYCOTT thread - who are you boycotting and why?

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  • Nov 29th, 2011 9:02 pm
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May 12, 2004
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Jump145 wrote:
Nov 28th, 2011 8:18 pm
Star Wars!

in the 70's my mother wouldn't take me to see it, so I decided I didn't want to see it!

To this day I still haven't seen one of those movies. :lol:

Why not boycott your mother instead?
Censorship is telling a man he can't have a steak just because a baby can't chew it.
- Mark Twain
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Sep 30, 2001
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Companies I would like to boycott (but for practical reasons simply can't):

FS/BB - incompetent, selling phantom stock, flaky PM policies
Staples - for hassling me when trying to do a legitimate PM
Rogers - for gouging consumers
Bell - words are censored by the forum
GM - for their crappy cars in the 90s
Toyota - for their declining quality in the later half of 2000s
All the banks - for being part of the 1%
Anything remotely associated with Pacific Mall - for supporting piracy
Dell - for outsourcing Canadian jobs to India
Microsoft - for releasing the RROD Xbox and other crimes against consumers
PayPal - evil
Facebook - evil
Quebecor - The Toronto Sun (actually this one is pretty easy to boycott)
Post Media - The National Post
MLSE - for making suckers out of Torontonians
Cineplex - your food is expensive I can understand. Getting stale popcorn makes me Hulk mad.

This is all the rage I can muster right now. I'm sure more companies will come to mind later on. It's not all bad though. Here are companies who I support/aspire to:

The Bay
Memory Express
Porter Airlines
Deal Addict
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Feb 10, 2007
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Company: Bell

1. Continuously proposals to raise our telecom prices
2. Shady advertising of pricing with fine print
3. Horrible service and of course outsourced to a land far far away with automated messages.
4. Didn't do a thing after router/modem broke for a month and they couldn't fix it and in the end just told me to return it. Took them 6 months to refund money.

Would never use anything from Bell again. Especially after all their attempts to raise prices with CRTC.
BlackJays wrote:
Mar 13th, 2010 6:02 pm
shame has been acheived
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Dec 15, 2007
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Canada Post

Why: Government employed unionized motherless f**** who do their jobs miserably and don't give a sh*t. I can't even count how many times they've inconvenienced me or screwed me over from sheer laziness, stupidity or ******** policies. They open my packages when they have no right, they lose my mail, nobody is ever accountable, the problem is always caused by someone else ("they" must have done this, "they" must have not been paying attention).

Just looking in the playbook thread I saw at least 2 people who's playbooks were stolen by mailmen, and why not? If you dare accuse them they will go to their union and go on another strike while we suffer without being able to get mail. It's gotten to the point that I'm afraid of ordering anything and having it shipped because it will probably be probed, gutted and ripped apart by Canada post or customs. My friend recently sent me a watch (from within Ontario), and I recieved the package opened by someone, and the watch broken. Why open the package? I know it's because the crooked post man **** wanted to see if it was an expensive Rolex or Tag Heuer watch worth stealing. Their shady practices are pushing the limits of legality while their union insures they get away with it CLEAN AND EASY.

Companies I would like to Boycott but can't for practical reasons:


Why: Policies are BARELY LEGAL in every sense of the word. They operate just like a bank without any of the restrictions, and it is an absolute nightmare for honest sellers and a heaven-send for foreign scam artists. It's not even a secret, anyone who is even slightly dishonest can buy w/ PayPal and then claim their card was stolen or otherwise chargeback their card without going through paypal, paypal ends up sticking the seller w/ the inventory loss + having to pay PayPal back. They freeze accounts for no apparent reason, causing people to lose money. Just spend 5 minutes on and you will agree.

Why I Can't Boycott: Too convenient. You can just pay for everything without having to pull out your credit card all the time. Too convenient to recieve money as well from people you trust, no easier way, as soon as their as an easier and more widely accepted online payment method, I'm all over it.

Air Canada

Why: Those shi*ty flight attendants had the nerve to go on strike, then when their own union reached a deal they had the nerve to even reject that? And for what? What do they even do? They stand in front of you and point out where the emergency exits are, and they deliver peanuts and a small plastic cup of juice, maybe a microwave dinner if you're on a long flight. Why do they deserve a raise, of all people?

Why I Can't Boycott: most affordable method of travel, and I have nothing against the company itself I think it's great, it's the flight attendants I can't stand. Too bad I can't just boycott them. Lazy, overpaid f****s.
Oct 5, 2008
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future shop + best buy

Reason: Bad experience. Bad customer service.

Years ago I bought a brand new zune from future shop only to find that the box contains a very old, used motorola cellphone instead of a zune. Went back to the store. No one was helpful. Assistant manager on duty denied anything, accusing I changed the zune to a cellphone. I contacted Microsoft and they confirmed someone registered a zune with the same serial number that's on my box. Esculated to GM of the store. The GM of the store was even worse. He was very demeaning. He said he was doing me a favor for letting me to exchange for a new one and he understands why his employees doesn't trust me for what has happened, then he scans me from head to toe.

My experience is documented here: ... op-664295/

Since then I've never set a foot into future shop or best buy. A store with such bad attitude GM will not train good CSR. If you don't put customer first, will your employees think customers are valuable to the store? I despise businesses that are after the money, not for the people. Before that incidence, I've bought a plasma TV, a laptop, a monitor, and the freaking zune from there. Not gonna spend a dime there again. Way to go future shop and best buy :arrowd: .