Trading Rules:

The Trading Post is intended for individuals to buy, sell, and trade between one another. cannot guarantee the legitimacy of the buyer, seller, trader, or the items being exchanged. does not take responsibility of any sort for any transactions that takes place between individuals.

Please post your items in the proper forum:

  • BST: Apparel: If you wish to buy, sell, or trade apparel or related accessories post here.
  • BST: Computer Hardware, Software & Accessories: If you wish to buy, sell, or trade computer hardware, software, webcams, PDAs, etc. post here.
  • BST: Cell Phones & Accessories: If you wish to buy, sell, or trade cell phones or related accessories post here.
  • BST: Electronics: If you wish to buy, sell, or trade, DVD Players, Cameras, MP3 Players, and other electronics, post here.
  • BST: Gift Cards: If you wish to buy, sell, or trade gift cards post here.
  • BST: Automotive & Accessories: If you wish to buy, sell, or trade automotive related items post here.
  • BST: Textbooks: If you wish to buy, sell, or trade text books post here.
  • BST: Tickets: Buy, sell, or trade concert, sporting, travel or event tickets here.
  • BST: Video Games, Music & Movies: If you wish to buy, sell, or trade DVDs, video games or consoles, or music, etc. post here. Video game equipment should be posted here, but DVD players and MP3 players should go in the BST: Electronics.
  • BST: Everything Else: If you wish to buy, sell, or trade clothing, Condos, or something that doesn't fit the above BST forums, post here.
  • Free Stuff: If you wish to give something away, post it here.
  • Group Buys: User organized group buys.

  1. You MUST post a price for ALL For Sale (FS) and For Sale/For Trade (FS/FT) topics.
  2. You cannot charge taxes for your items. Honour your prices.
  3. No auction style posts will be allowed. This includes posting vague statements like "Make me an offer!" or waiting for an offer higher than what you posted. The posting of eBay links by themselves is prohibited. eBay links are allowed if the poster is willing to sell the item(s) to forum members at a specified, POSTED price.
  4. Threadcrapping will not be tolerated. If you do not intend to buy and have no legitimate questions or concerns, please refrain from posting in that topic. If you think the asking price is too high, or want to make an offer significantly lower than the posted price, please contact the seller via email or private message (PM).
  5. You cannot sell something you do not have in your immediate possession. You cannot sell items on behalf of your friends, relatives, etc. If they wish to sell something, they should create their own forum account.
  6. No alcohol, tobacco, pornography or weapon sales. This includes air soft and paintball guns.
  7. No pirated/bootleg/illegal/trades allowed. You cannot disclose the inclusion of pirated games/applications/movies in any of your sale threads. Your price can also not reflect the inclusion of pirated games/applications/movies. Furthermore, the sale of fake purses or other branded goods is strictly prohibited.
  8. Selling tickets for an event above the ticket face value is illegal and not allowed. You must include the face value of the ticket in your ticket sale listing. Creative evasion of the scalping laws (ie including another item) is not allowed.
  9. No more than 2 active threads every 5 days in each Buy, Sell, and Trade subforum at all times. This means you can either have 2 for sale threads, 2 want to buy threads, or one of each in a forum. For example you could have 2 threads in BST: Electronics and 2 threads in BST: Textbooks.
  10. Bumping a thread: No more that 2 bumps per 24 hour period (00:00 - 23:59). Any post by the original poster counts as a bump, even if they are answering a question.
  11. Price Checks/Interest Checks do not belong in the Buy, Sell, and Trading Post forums. Please post all Price Checks in the Hardware forum or Off Topic forum if appropriate. Please make it a genuine post to determine price and not an attempt to find the highest bidder.
  12. Services are not allowed in the Buy, Sell, and Trading Post. We have had numerous problems with people offering services and believe this is in the best interest of our users.
  13. Dealers, resellers and other large quantity sellers are not allowed to post in the BST. You cannot sell more than 3 new items per thread. This includes 3 of the same new item or 3 individual new items. If you want to sell more than 3 new items, you can either become a Sponsored Poster (see information below) or contact for advertising information. Users selling large quantities of used or refurbished items who are clearly operating a business are not allowed either.
  14. For further clarification, in the BST: Gift Card Forum, large quantity sales would be defined as a member selling more than 20 gift cards TOTAL of any type at any particular time. Anyone selling gift cards must clearly state the number of gift cards available for sale and their denominations. Sellers with a seemingly unending supply of gift cards would also be considered large quantity sellers. Because of increased gift card fraud, you may be asked to show proof that the gift cards were obtained legitimately.
  15. What is a "Sponsored Poster"? A sponsored poster is a small business or large quantity seller who has paid for the privilege of posting in the Buy, Sell, and Trade forums. They are bound by the same rules of posting as any other user with the exception of the rule against large quantity sales and the charging of taxes. does in no way vouch for the legitimacy of the "Sponsored Poster" and normal precautions should be taken when dealing with them. If you would like more information on becoming a "Sponsored Poster" please contact
  16. Users other than the original poster are not allowed to post a message to a Buy, Sell, and Trade thread solely for the purpose of bringing it to the top of the thread list (AKA "bumping"). Only legitimate questions or concerns may be posted to a thread.
  17. Cross posting (posting the same item in more than one thread) will not be tolerated. Please only post for sale items to one BST category.

Useful Tips:
  1. Leave your contact information whether that is your e-mail address, MSN, ICQ, Skype, etc. You must be able to contact one another to be able to buy, sell, or trade. Before you complete a deal, it is recommended that you obtain each other's phone number and ensure that the number works.
  2. Use common sense. If the deal seems too good to be true then take extra precaution.
  3. Clarity is key. Links to a product's website are often helpful. Be honest when describing the condition of used parts. Make sure there is a mutual understanding of what is being paid for and what is expected and get it in writing where possible. Agree on any terms of sale before the transaction takes place. (ie: damage responsibility, excess charges, guarantees, and payment options). It is a good idea to include your location in your post.
  4. Keep in touch when making transactions. Let the buyer know when money has arrived, items have been shipped, and if you're having any difficulties. In case of deals gone bad, keep a record of your discussion.
  5. Honesty is the best policy. If you promised to sell at a set price don't change it after someone has met that price.
  6. Check for references. Established traders will usually have BST Feedback, Heatware ( and/or eBay references. If a trader claims to have references but cannot produce them, take extra precautions when trading. The number of posts and the length of time they have been registered is a good place to begin but there are no guarantees. We recommend that you try to contact someone the seller has previously dealt with for a reference.
  7. Attempt to resolve any issues in private. If the issue cannot be resolved after a reasonable amount of time send the Moderators or Administrators a private message. Post a message to warn others if necessary, however keep it respectful.
  8. Make proper packaging and shipping a priority. Tracking and insurance on a shipment is obviously preferred. Remember to use anti-static bags for component that are sensitive in nature. Make sure an item is sufficiently padded on all sides.
  9. Leave an accurate evaluation at the end of the deal.
  10. Make sure you know what you are purchasing. Attempt to get all the relevant information such as conditions/usage, what's included, refund possibility etc. Sometimes in the haste of getting in on a good deal, you may end up with something you didn't quite anticipate.
  11. Most gift cards have a phone number on the back that allows you to check the balance. For more information on gift card trading, read this thread:

  • Trading takes two - it's the responsibility of BOTH parties to ensure a smooth transaction. For sellers, follow up on the trade. For buyers, make sure that you're comfortable with the sale. Both of you should have some sort of feedback venue, like Heatware or eBay. Nothing is fool proof, but it's something.
  • Clear communication - Ask questions, keep records, and above all, be specific. This applies to both seller and buyer. DON'T ASSUME
  • Calm communication - When you're hot and toasty mad, don't go sending that message in a hurry. Take a deep breath, heck, take ten. Think about it and try to avoid rash statements. This hinders any kind of mediation process.

Sponsored Poster Information:

If you're a business, dealer, or other large quantity seller that would like to participate and advertise in the BST we have updated the Sponsored Poster position, added more features, and reduced the price. Here are the details:

Price: $55/month CDN (includes applicable taxes based on poster's province), paid upfront
Benefits: Sponsored Poster title, can sell in the BST as a business, sell in large quantities, charge appropriate taxes, space for an additional 1,000 extra private messages
Rules: Same rules as all the other BST members except for the above. Review the rules here.

Purchase Instructions: You can now purchase your Sponsored Poster subscription directly through the User Control Panel:
  1. Login to with your username and password on top left of the screen, if you don't have a account you can register here.
  2. Click on the 'Control Panel' link.
  3. Click on the 'Paid Subscriptions' link near the bottom of the left sidebar of your Control Panel and follow the on-screen instructions.