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BST question

Hi guys,

Not new here, but first time looking to sell something. So I visited the BST sub-forum and noticed all the post subjects start with an abbreviation. Could not find what the abbreviations mean. Help please?

I am talking about these: [FS], [WTB] and whatever else there exists. If this is a category, I am looking to sell one fitness equipment, what should I put in the beginning of my subj.line?

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Aug 20, 2009
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Hey there,

Common BST acronyms:

FS = For Sale
WTB = Want to Buy
WTT = Want to Trade

Fitness Equipment would go into BST: Everything Else. The FS/etc tags get appended when you select the proper box (Buying, Selling, etc) when creating the thread IIRC, been awhile since my last BST post. In your case when making your thread you would tick For Sale because you're selling an item.

Be sure to read the rules before posting your thread. Common gotchas include no auction style threads (must list a firm price) and one bump every 12 hours. You also must possess the item you're selling, no consignment or other odd arrangements. This thread gives some pointers on pictures, titles and etc for posting BST stuff. It's a bit old but most of it still applies.

Also just FYI but if you have a firm price in mind it helps to indicate that in your post. RFDers are shrewd negotiators and will try to bargain you down every step of the way :)

Hope that helps, feel free to shoot me a PM if you need any help.