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Build a better burger

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  • Oct 10th, 2004 8:54 pm
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Build a better burger

Here it is - the winner of a $50,000 contest. Must be good:

Grilled California Avocado B-L-T Burgers
with Caramelized Chipotle Onions

Region 4: Clint Stephenson, Friendswood, Texas
To commemorate the 100th birthday of the hamburger in America, I was inspired to create this new recipe by combining two all-time favorites: burgers and BLT sandwiches. Since America is truly a melting pot of diverse races and cultures, the regional influences of our country are evident in the way we prepare our burgers. My burger recipe is a tribute to the creative and trend-setting cooks across the country who have been instrumental in reviving a culinary sense of pride in Regional American Cooking. By combining fresh ingredients in a new and creative manner, I have developed an incredible new burger with layers of flavor throughout. This burger WILL ROCK YOUR WORLD!!!
1 large sweet onion, halved and thinly sliced
1 tablespoon Tabasco Chipotle Pepper Sauce
1 tablespoon beef broth
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
1 tablespoon oil
1 tablespoon crushed fresh garlic
1 tablespoon dark brown sugar
6 1/2 ounces light garlic-and-herbs spreadable cheese
4 ounces Point Reyes blue cheese or other favorite blue cheese, crumbled
1 pound ground chuck
1 pound ground sirloin
1/3 cup minced sweet onion
1/4 cup Sutter Home Zinfandel
3 tablespoons minced fresh oregano, thyme, and basil (any combination)
1 tablespoon Tabasco Chipotle Pepper Sauce
1 1/2 teaspoons spicy seasoned salt
Oil for brushing grill rack
12 California avocado slices (prepare at the last minute, brushing with balsamic vinegar and sprinkling with spicy seasoned salt before grilling)
12 pre-cooked bacon slices
6 soft Kaiser rolls (about 4 1/2 inches in diameter), split
Romaine lettuce leaves
6 large tomato slices, about 1/4 inch thick
In a grill with a cover, prepare a medium-hot fire for direct-heat cooking.
For caramelized onions, combine onion, pepper sauce, broth, vinegar, oil, garlic, and brown sugar in a 10-inch nonstick skillet with a lid. When coals are ready, place covered pan on grill rack. Cook onion mixture for 15 to 20 minutes, stirring occasionally, until onions are caramelized and most of liquid is evaporated. Remove pan from grill and set aside.
For spread, combine spreadable cheese and blue cheese in a saucepan; cover and set aside.
For burgers, place ground beef in a large bowl. Drizzle in onion, Zinfandel, herbs, pepper sauce, and seasoned salt; mix gently. Shape beef mixture into 6 round patties.
Brush grill rack with vegetable oil. Place patties on grill rack, cover, and cook about 4 minutes. Turn and continue cooking until done to preference.
Meanwhile, place saucepan with cheese spread on outer edge of grill rack to warm cheese mixture just until it reaches a very soft, spreading consistency. Remove saucepan from grill and set aside.
During final minutes of grilling patties, arrange avocado slices on a rimmed nonstick perforated grilling pan coated lightly with oil, and grill alongside patties for 1 to 2 minutes, turning as necessary. During final 30 seconds, add bacon slices to pan. When avocados are nicely grilled and bacon is crisp, remove from grill. When patties are cooked, remove from grill, stacking to keep warm. Place rolls, cut side down, on outer edges of grill to toast lightly.
To assemble burgers, spread a generous amount of cheese spread over cut sides of rolls. On each roll bottom, layer lettuce, tomato slice, beef patty, caramelized onions, grilled avocado, and bacon. Add roll top and serve.
Makes 6 burgers
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interesting.....sounds good!
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