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Building code for commercial/industrial unit

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  • Aug 19th, 2014 11:03 pm
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Nov 17, 2004
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Building code for commercial/industrial unit

Hey, I know that there are a number of other business owners here that own or lease industrial/commercial units, so I thought I'd give it a try asking here.

We have a half/half commercial and industrial unit that is zoned for pretty much anything, and when we moved in, the front was renovated with rooms, etc that was perfect for our use, while the back was a warehouse. We did do some temporary dividers and stuff in the rear, but now we want to expand a bit into the back and create a small room from part of it (it'll be about 200sq ft out of the 1000 in the back). I've spoken to my landlord and they are okay with it as long as it meets whatever building codes required.

I've done some research online and it's been very hard to find a straight answer anywhere. Does anybody know what the requirements would be? The main concern that I have is regarding the fire code. Our front renovated area has a drop ceiling (about 11-12ft high) and sprinklers. But I noticed that we have one room that has drywall and stucco on the ceiling and it does not have sprinklers. I don't know if this was an oversight, or it's because drywall is fire resistant while drop ceilings are not. I would prefer not to run sprinklers into the back, as that would be a lot of work and expensive, so I want to see if I use drywall in the new room, if it will meet fire code standards.

If anybody has any insight from experience or can link me to something where there's info, it would be very much appreciated.

Otherwise, I'll find the time to go to city hall and line up to ask the building/land clerks.

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