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Jan 24, 2010
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kmarcie wrote:
Oct 29th, 2015 2:11 pm
OP, do you mind me asking you whether you needed glasses growing up? OP's post sounds like the typical parent that thinks they know better but could be making things worse for their kids. To begin with, I completely respect that eyecare is very expensive for a family.

I needed glasses growing up, and my parents never cheap out on eyecare or dental care for me. Sure, you can order things online and measure your own PD. But if the glasses are a bit off or uncomfortable, your child is not going to know to tell you. As a child, I've had glasses which was higher on one ear and lower on the other and for weeks i did not know why and thought it was just a side effect of upgrading the prescription.

As an adult, I've ordered glasses online myself and measured the PD myself. I've ordered from Clearlycontacts and the two pair I ordered (same prescription, same PD) actually fit differently. To this day I could only wear one of the two pairs that i ordered because the other ones make me dizzy. Again, your child may not know this and that can have a detrimental effect later on.

I understand the concern about the price - a lot of glasses place will have their shelves of designer frames, but they will usually keep a box of unbranded or cheap frames tucked away somewhere. Or, you can buy a frame and change out the lens when the prescription changes.

If your child has changes in prescription so often, it's even more important that you help them take care of their eyes. Oh and also I've noticed different optometrists may give a different prescription based on what they think is best for a pair of glasses. Sometimes you don't know until you try it on that it isn't strong enough.
Comments that start with "typical parent" is probably from someone who doesn't have kids.
I think everyone's experience is different. I ordered online and in-store. My child noticed no difference and my calculated PD was the same as in-store value. I have no regrets and neither has my child.
If you notice your optometrists giving different prescriptions then you probably need to find a better one.
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Airbum88 wrote:
Nov 1st, 2015 8:14 pm
Does anybody know which optometrists in Toronto (preferably in Richmond Hill/Markham) that give out PD numbers?
Bump ... I am wondering this too. I have had two different places give me two different PD numbers, so I am not sure which is correct.