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Buying phones on Kijiji - Blacklisted

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  • Jan 10th, 2019 2:04 pm
Oct 21, 2013
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This is enlightening. I’ve bought and sold at least 2 dozen phones on Kijiji over years. Never had a issue

Being a phone addict I hardly kee any phone for more than a few months. So Kijiji is a good option for me not to lose too much money. But after reading this I’m worried about getting new iPhone XS. Had a good deal on it $1000 for a new 64gb unlocked phone. Seller showed me the freedom. Mobile contract also. He also bought about 3 or 4 different phones from freedom at the same time. What happens if he ends up canceling the contract.

So ended up walking away.

Strange in my case. In Feb, bought my iPhone X from Kijiji - seller showed me bell contract. Didn’t even think of this issue and it is still working. May be I should t so this anymore.
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May 17, 2006
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I would stick to rogers or telus phones... avoid bell phones as they seem to blacklist historically for non payment, but one can go through to get it resolved but then you need some sorta paperwork that shows you are authorized owner of the phone, thats why i would be asking to do a contract for sale of phones on kijiji with driver licenses and also copy of all paperwork from the provider. If they say no, you just walk away.

I know some people who said they were not comfortable enough to share that info, red flag, so i walked away.
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Jul 21, 2009
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What happens with all the blacklisted phones in Canada? Do they just get re-sold over seas?

I am looking to get some newer phones as gifts for some extended family in Asia this holiday and was wondering if there is a place to buy discounted blacklisted phones? I see a lot on Kijiji but don't want to buy a stolen one...
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Aug 8, 2003
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How safe is buying iPhone on Facebook marketplace?