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Buying phones on Kijiji - Blacklisted

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  • Mar 14th, 2018 10:49 am
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Mar 25, 2003
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Some people got scammed
some people got stuck with out of province #
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xblackrainbow wrote:
Feb 16th, 2018 9:13 pm
Anyone had experience with the kijiji phone plans? The range for cost of service varies but their plans are quite similar... Very competitive!
Many claim not to require id and payment after service is complete but my main concern is the longevity of the plans and whether or not it's legit.
If you're talking about the Rogers SK plans, I wouldn't roll the dice. Some say they can port the number over, some can't and they'll stick you with an out-of-province number. If you're okay with a different number, then you're probably safe and heck, you could probably do it yourself. Porting the ON number I've heard is next to impossible, and if you do, it'll only be a matter of time before they catch you.
Koodo's exploit though is a known solution. But don't pay the guys on Kijiji to do it. It's so easy to do, and there's plenty of instructions online.
csmede wrote:
Jan 17th, 2018 12:38 pm
I got burned back in 2013 buying a blacklisted phone on Kijiji. I needed the phone mostly when travelling in the US. It was a Tmo S3, that I was going to use with a Tmo prepaid. Well, I found out it was blacklisted so I could not use it in the US. I sold it back in Canada (there was no black list here) and moved on. As a result, I didn't buy phones from kijiji for a few years.
However, last year I decided to give it a try again. This time, I had no issue. However, I was extremely cautious. Here are the steps you should follow, in order:

Step 1. You see a deal you like. Reply to the user and ask him/her to give you the IMEI of the phone (always mention in your reply that the imei can be obtained by dialing *#06#). Check the IMEI in a variety of sites, not just against the Canadian blacklist. Use sites like imei.info, imeipro.info, etc (do a google search on imei checkers). You will glean useful info regarding the phone, like country of origin (then run an imei check in that country), day of manufacture, exact model number, features, etc. There are five possible outcomes from this 1st step:
1.a) No reply; that means either the phone is sold and the guy ignores any further messages, or he knows there is something wrong with the phone; move on;
1.b) IMEI shows the device is not blacklisted but is an international model; there is a risk the device is stolen from another country; but that means the device cannot be blocked in Canada. So overall there is a low risk in buying these devices, but remember, if you travel to the country where the device comes from, it may not work there. As a matter of principle, I decided to pass on an s7 edge coming from the middle east because I'm against buying things that may be stolen;
1.c) IMEI is invalid or does not correspond to the device model you're looking at: device is almost 100% stolen and blacklisted and to bring it back into the market, they changed the IMEI to that of an older phone or to a random number. The risk is very low: device will work and will never be blacklisted. However, as a matter of principle, I would pass on these stolen devices;
1.d) Valid IMEI corresponds to the device; pursue this further to step #2;
1.e) Device is blacklisted; run!

Before I go to step #2, let me give you a breakdown on the ~9 devices that I looked up on Kijiji: two belonged to case 1.a, one belonged to case 1.b, 3 belonged to case 1.c and 3 belonged to case 1.d; no device was blacklisted;

Step 2. I'm against buying potentially stolen devices, but If you decide to buy devices that correspond to Steps 1.b and 1.c, you are pretty safe, so you may not need to go to Step 2.
2.a) If seller suggests to meet in a public place like a mall, bank, etc, or is willing to come to your home, run away. A guy knowingly selling a blocked device or a device that he knows will get blocked will not want the buyer to know where he lives; unfortunately, you may weed out a few honest sellers in the process;
2.b) Seller gives you his address; show up prepared, test the device with your sim card, test the camera, sd card reader, audio (earpiece, speaker, earbuds), play a video, etc. Be creative and exhaustive. Ask about the original owner. Call the carrier the device was activated with; in my case, I did that before showing up at the guy's house. The device had been activated with Rogers; the operator was unwilling to share any personal information (duh!), but when specifically asked if there is any trouble with the device (like unpaid bills), she said no, I can buy it safely. Remember, YMMV on this, it depends on the operator.

So now you bought the device.

Step 3. In case the device gets blacklisted sometime down the road; this would be very unfair to you. The police won't help you. However, there are now a bunch of places that can change your phone IMEI for as low as $15. I'm against doing this on a stolen phone. But if you honestly bought the phone and the guy declares it stolen to get insurance money, then you are justified to follow this step to get back what you legally paid for.

Feel free to comment and/or add to these recommendations. Happy buying!
I would never meet at my house again. Doesn't make me a scammer.
I used to do it all the time, and only ran into one issue where a phone I sold (second owner) got blacklisted 6 months down the road after I sold it (assuming previous owner before me didn't pay their bill), and the buyer showed up to my house unwarranted demanding I give the money back or he'll call the police. Told him to get off my property or I'll be calling them, and that it wasn't my problem. 24 hours after that, I kept getting calls from random numbers, and assumed it was him..
Not even a week later, at 4 am, we had a good sized rock thrown through our bay window, and caused a lot of damage to our house. Police never caught the guy and wouldn't press charges against this guy even though i pointed out that this was targeted and not random.

Since then, I haven't had a single person meet me at my house unless it's to pick up stuff I'm giving away, or if it's a dirt cheap item. Phones or electronics, nope. Public place only. and I use a texting app and don't give out my real phone number. Many people do this already. It doesn't make them all criminals, they're trying to protect themselves. Don't judge.
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