Buying Tires in Ottawa

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Buying Tires in Ottawa

Looking to buy some summer tires for a 2010 Honda Civic. Looking locally in Ottawa. Would be nice to get some rims as well to make changing summers/winters that much easier/cheaper. Haven't bought new tires in a long time...where should I search for reasonable prices? Certainly don't need top of the line!

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EmperorOfCanada wrote:
Dec 27th, 2010 4:40 pm
In an effort to clean up the Automotive forum please post all your tire related questions and answers here.

I will try to keep this first post updated if any important tire related information is brought to my attention that should be highlighted.

Thank you for your cooperation and if there is anyone who is an expert when it comes to tires, you are welcome to PM me and suggest what information I might consider adding here.

*Nov 6, 2013*
A number of threads have been merged into this thread, and in the future tire related questions that are brought to my attention will be merged here as well. This will temporarily lead to a little confusion as the thread will start off as a mishmash of questions and answers, but moving forward from Nov 6, posts should start making sense again.