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Buytopia Reviews - Post your review here of their customer service

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Sep 2, 2005
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Called and asked for their address, they said against policy to hand out, they've moved a number of times, newest info, on their address about 50 companies are located somehow...
Suite 302 seems to be a kind of mailbox HQ, and with Superior Court papers, you have to hand them to a MAJOR person at the company to consider your plaintiff's claim properly served.

Mailing is not proper service. Takes a $40 "Special Motion Hearing" before the court, to compel the Ontario Court to deliver Your claim.... BY EMAIL/FAX and have it 100% LEGIT served. You can ask for the $40 hearing fee to be attached to the claim against Buytopia this way.

Refusal to state address = Common method to avoid legitation !

183 Bathurst Street, Suite 302
"A record for all your buytopia vouchers that you've purchased will always be stored there for

you. Still Having "

They are AKA "Evandale Caviar Inc."
employ 30 people, their FAX#(416) 352-1324
Dec 28, 2015
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I bought scopula of items I mid November for Christmas and the promise date was anywhere from dec 11-24. It is now Sec. 29 and still no package. I have called once and customer service was so useless. I then tried to call after dec 24 and every single time it says it's closed even though I've been calling during business hours. So not only do I not have some of my Christmas presents I can't even get in touch with anyone to find out what's going on with my package. They also do not give returns. Thanks buytopia for NOTHING...literally!
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Jun 30, 2006
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Super shady site. They mainly sell crap you get off Ebay for a couple of bucks.
Dec 21, 2015
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NEVER again!! I bought 2 watches on 28 Oct 2015, I tried reaching someone at their customer service starting End November through emails and phone calls. Not once did I get to speak to a rep, nor did I receive a reply to my emails. I submitted a complaint to the BBB and finally got a response on 28 Dec 2015, where Buytopia told the BBB that I had received my watches and that they were gracious enough to give me a $15 coupon towards my next purchase. My response to the BBB was that Buytopia had given me a BOGUS tracking number and that they were lying, as proven by the bogus tracking number and the fact that it was now over 2 months since my purchase and had yet to receive my items. I provided the BBB with my account details, including screen shots and a copy of the tracking number which consistently failed to identify anything. I am still fighting it out and refuse to stop until I get a full refund. Their customer service and business practices are shady. They should be boycotted and shut down. Oh, and they can shove their $15 coupon up "you know where" as I will never buy from them again!
Oct 19, 2011
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They're vouchers are garbage, and their products would take 3 months to deliver, and they never return emails!!!
Mar 18, 2016
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I bought a pair for me and my fiance for his birthday. I got a email PDF ticket when we got to the game that ticket had already been scanned and we were rejected at the door. The tickets were originally issues to etoronto tickets. This vendor only does one thing and they don't use ticket masters ticket transfer feature that they came up with to stop people from getting ripped off like this. I called buytopia to get a refund and they had claimed that they had evidence that the ticket was not scanned twice. However I called the ACC fan services and they supplied me with proof of te time it was originally scanned and the subsequent time we were rejected. I forwarded this email to buytopia and they have stopped replying to me and deleted my previous comments warning people about these tickets. Buytopia is a terrible retailer that does not own up to their mistakes. I have been trying for weeks to get my refund and they just keep making excuses and are now ignoring me.
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Aug 28, 2014
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I bought some bracelets on their promotion last month for my family. After added some of them to the cart, I realized they didn't stack and the shipping fee was multiplied many times. The website is really shady, It is designed so you have to enter your credit card info right on the "add to cart" page. After the items were added, there was no way to remove them out of the cart. Immediately after that, I called their Customer service number to cancel my order. The girl then said she already canceled it for me. Then the next day, i still received the order confirmation in the mail, and got charge. Until now still haven't received anything from them
Apr 5, 2016
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I had purchase a ring off Buytopia on January 22 2016 and they said it would only take 4 weeks for shipping it is now April 6 2016 and I still have not received my package I had emailed them and they didnt reply untill 2 weeks later they say they started a shipping investigation for my order and had notified the supplier that if there is no resolution within 5 business
days that the product must be reshipped to me. They had told me I would get my new package before March 28 and what do you know I still haven't received it and ofcourse they don't answer their emails .... Never purchase nothing from this company because you will not receive it nor get your money back I've been asking for the full refund and still nothing ... This company should be shut down their scamming everyone for their money .... VERY DISSAPOINTED -____- ......
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Mar 23, 2003
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mbna $100 amazon voucher after I was approved.
Haven't gotten it. Obviously will never get it.

There must be SOME way to shut these scam artists down??????? They keep the profit and my amazon card?????? F that.
I'm willing to get a lawyer if I can win 100%. Any suggestions?
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Jul 19, 2007
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I stopped buying from Buytopia in 2013 after they charged my credit card without issuing vouchers to my account during a Yogurty's promotion. I asked them if they could issue the vouchers, which they said they couldn't because they were have system issues but acknowledged they charged my credit card. They ending up giving my money back after a two months of constant follow up. It was mess.

Never buy tickets from ETickets Toronto, which is a just a sketchy apartment on St. Patrick St. run buy an individual. If I buy discounted concert tickets, it's always through Groupon - which issues legit tickets.
May 10, 2016
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I had a very dissapointing experience with customer service.
I had told them booking my snowmobiling trip was very hard. I called the company numerous times. And finally when i did book the weather changed and there wasnt any snow. So we had to book again.
Finally the day arrives and we are met with that the company doesnt provide insurance. In the event that something happenned to the snowmobile we can get charged up to 5000 for damages.
It was a big risk and we opted out and truly sad. Was looking forward to this adventurw.
I called buytopia and explained the situation and they would not refund our money back. And it just turned me off that all their purchases would be the same. I no longer buy from them and stick to my groupon. They do refund btw.
Jul 29, 2010
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Same old story. I bought a limo servive from Toronto to the Airport. tried booking according to Buytopia's instructions. Tried calling numbers published by Buytopia. No response. Buytopia's own site shows others complaining of the same thing yet they are still selling this service. Sent two emails to Buytpoia. No response. Will go to small claims court. In comparison i also notified Groupon that a business may have went out of business. I received a refund in Groupon bucks within three hours.

Don't use Buytopia.
Jun 29, 2016
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This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Shady, lying, misleading and downright don't care.

I placed an order which was never received.
I emailed regarding this purchase on February 15, I was emailed back 1 MONTH later with the excuse of some disorganization on their part (email was put it in the wrong folder)
Then I was told that the items had been delivered, which they were not, and I had let CHRIS now through email. No follow up.
I had to email AGAIN on March 31 requesting an update.
I was emailed back on APRIL 7 that I would receive information regarding whether or not the vendor would still be able to ship these items to me. I was never informed that they were able to.
I had to email AGAIN, 2 months after that e-mail from JAY, asking for refund because clearly nothing was being done for me.
It then took EMMA 22 days to email me back regarding a refund.

I demanded my money back, as I am very unsatisfied with the service you have provided me, and I will not be using Buytopia again. All they offered was store credit, and then more store credit after I said I wasn't interested in anything on the site (because it's all cheap useless garbage).

Now my phone # is being given to management " so hopefully they can find the time to get to you."

Utter crap. Stick to Groupon.
May 25, 2011
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they are scammers plain and simple why are they allowed to continue ripping people off they should be shutdown immediately they should be ashamed of themselves i wonder how they would feel if people started to usethe same tactics as they do disgraceful that is exactly how they should be thought of someone should stop them
May 25, 2011
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you want a reply youre joking i have tried many times they just dont answer maybe we should get the cops invoved and shut them down