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Cadillac Fairview Mall - Gift Card Processing Fee

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  • Dec 23rd, 2008 3:51 pm
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Jan 11, 2008
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Cadillac Fairview Mall - Gift Card Processing Fee

I didn't see another thread on this, so just posting in case anyone isn't aware.

I have occasionally bought Square One gift certificates that are valid at any store in the mall. There isn't any processing fee for these at Square One.

Today I was at Sherway Mall and my husband had asked me to pick up 4 $50 Fairview Cadillac mall gift cards while I was there (that are valid at Sherway and a number of other malls). I was surprised to find that Fairview Cadillac charges $1.50 processing fee per card. They also deduct $2/month if a balance remains after 15 months. There was a long line and a woman was walking up and down advising people of the processing fee and the $2/month dormancy fee as apparently some people at the front were quite upset when they got to the front and found there was $1.50 fee per card. There was also a sign, but it was at the front of the line and you wouldn't see it until you finally reached the front of the line.

I know there is legislation in Ontario now with regard to gift cards no longer being able to expire. There are a few exceptions to the legislation and one of these is for mall gift cards. They're allowed to charge up to $1.50 activiation fee per card and according to the Ontario government website, allowed to charge a $2.50 fee per month if the full value of the card has not been used after 18 months (although Fairview Cadillac is charging $2/month after 15 months - rather than after 18 months).

In this case, we'll be giving cash rather than spend a processing fee to put cash on a card. Generally I prefer to give cash, but there are times when it is nice to give a gift card so that people will buy themselves something. I just won't buy them from Fairview Cadillac.
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Sep 30, 2005
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They lost my business because of those fees, thats why I went to another mall for theirs.

I bought the Scarborough Town Centre gift certs and to my surprise they work at Yorkdale and Square One too.