Calling all cat owners...Advice

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Oct 6, 2012
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forgetpwd wrote:
Jun 26th, 2016 7:54 pm
however, they scratched my bed, my sofa (the corner)...even there are scratch posts.
My cats tend to also scratch the sofa to sharpen their claws.

They will also use their claws when running, mainly turning corners. Even on hardwood.
Happens whenever I throw a toy or they chase each other.

I haven't noticed any significant scratches on my hardwood floors. Just make sure you clip their nails every so often and it shouldn't be too bad.
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Jun 29, 2016
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10 years ago I bought the Birman kitten. I was amazed by its deep blue eyes and black “gloves” and “socks” on each paw.
She is very beautiful and quite cat who loves people. Sometimes she follows me from room to room.
Of course we had some problems. She broke dozens of vases and photo frames, ate many plants and scraped our furniture.
She was very curious in youth. She liked to explore new environment. My mother took her to the country frequently. And we never felt nervous about her because we made sure of her memory and rationality. She never looked for trouble.
Now the cat is lazier than ever. But our family feels only warm sentiments. She becomes an essential part of our lives.
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Mar 8, 2007
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natalka wrote:
Jun 2nd, 2016 7:57 pm
We've had kittens/cats for decades and just never had a problem with any of them scratching floors or furniture. Or hurting children.

It's a matter of training right from the beginning - we always have used a stern "NO!" if we see a kitten even starting to do something bad - yes, and sometimes you might have to do a swat (gentle, very gentle - if you can get within reach - it's more to scare them away). The trick is to do it every single time - no letting up. It's hard at first because you have to keep getting up - but it's worth it in the end, because it really doesn't take long for them to learn what they can and cannot do. Of course a kitten will keep exploring and trying.
You must have a scratching post - we have always had a three-tiered one which my husband made, covered in old carpet.

We have always kept kittens and cats nails trimmed - I use a baby nail clipper and just take off the tips, so there's never any danger of getting down to the quick. Others use specialty cat nail clippers, so hopefully someone here can give you info on those.

About Ragdolls - are you getting a purebred? They are pretty special, and you must research the breed. They cannot be allowed to go outdoors at all.
We have a Ragdoll cross, and she's got a lot of Ragdoll characteristics - she's floppy, the uber-sweet temperament, the bunny fur, the fur markings, blue eyes, big size but delicate - but she's also got some tabby characteristics which we love - she's got the broad regular face of a tabby instead of the pointy Siamese face.

This all said, we didn't get cats again until our son was five - in my opinion, two is too young. Our cats don't scratch nor bite, but that could be different with a toddler driving them nuts, maybe.
Never raise your hand to your cat, use a spray bottle for discipline.

To the OP:

Brought up with cats in the house my entire life (30+ years), currently own my first cat a 6 month old kitten. If i can offer any advice it's to pick them up and touch their paws often and early so they get used to it. This will make clipping them a breeze down the road.
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