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Can I import these seeds to Canada?

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  • Mar 4th, 2007 7:26 pm
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Feb 9, 2005
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Can I import these seeds to Canada?

I've been looking for nice lotus plants for my pond but I can't find them anywhere. I want to buy some seeds of the golden, pink and white lotus. I've found sellers from Thailand, USA and UK. Which, if any, is ok to import these seeds from? I'm only buying like 10-15 seeds and I dont want to end up on the next "protect our ecology" infomercial or get fined.

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Nov 28, 2006
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No you can't import seeds. Call customs or agriculture canada for info.
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Aug 22, 2003
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No is the short answer. With that said, lotus plants are available in Canada but generally only through speciality nurseries that deal with aquatic plants. Just in case you didn't know, lotus plants are not hardy and require pretty specific conditions to bloom. I lost mine a couple of years ago and opted not to replace it....
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