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Locked: Can temperature affect smoke detector?

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  • Dec 30th, 2004 11:30 am
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Jun 14, 2003
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Can temperature affect smoke detector?

I know this should not be normal. I just wonder if that is possible.

I went for a trip for a week. The smoke detector rang hours after I left. My neighbour called my in-law to check it out. It was not the security alarm crying and it was the smoke detector. Of course,there was no smoke either.

The smoke detector is not battery power. It is powered by the main power. It has a big warning printed on the detector to remind me that the alarm is useless when there is no power. The detector came with my 10 years old house, installed by the builder. My in-laws could not figure out why it cried. The smoke detectors (the same kind) on the 2nd floor and the basement did not ring. Only the one in the main floor did. The only solution at that moment was to unplug it.

When I came back last night, it rang as soon as I plugged it in. I tried a few times with the same result. I left it on the table. I tried again this evening and it "works". It does not ring anymore and the 'test' button works.

The only thing I can think of is the temperature difference. I turned down the heat to 10C when I left for the trip. I turned it up when I came back. The temperature was not rasied to my normal 19 to 20C when I tried that last night.

Can the smoke detector be affected by temperature? Is the detector busted?
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Dec 17, 2004
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if the temperature goes down it shouldn't affect the alarm...

but it should go on if the temperature rises.

but don't trust what i'm saying... because i'm just taking a logical guess... call up your firestation.
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Sep 24, 2004
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i'd asume the detector is busted... it shouldn't be affected by the temp at all.. I leave my belcony door open all the time so it gets very cold in here, and other times i turn the heat on pretty high when sick.

One thing i have found with my detectory is, its sensitive to smell.. It may not be smokey in here, but if someting smells like its burning it'll go off.. Try to keep all smell away from it and plug it in for awhile..

other than that i'd suggest a replacement
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Dec 4, 2004
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the smoke detector in my old basement suite was very sensitive, it would always go off when i opened the oven door and it received that blast of hot air

however, this sounds weird :| time for a new one, perhaps