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Can you charge HST without an HST #?

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  • Nov 7th, 2017 7:38 pm
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Sep 20, 2008
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Can you charge HST without an HST #?

This is bugging me, a trade is charging me a fee including HST. I asked for an invoice but there's no HST number, on top of that they want cash only. Should I be suspicious? For the accountants or tax specialists out there, if they charge HST without the number, is this illegal or fraudulent? Can I report them to the CRA?
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I'd address it with them first. I do believe you are correct and they have to display the HST# also I'm not sure if they can insist on cash only but IMO, that's not a really big deal.
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Nov 13, 2006
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You do not need to pay the HST if there is no HST number. They are just collecting money from you an extra 13% and not remitting it to the CRA.

A supplier must include the GST/HST account number on receipts, invoices, contracts, or other business papers it gives out when it supplies taxable goods or services of $30 or more.

If you can't find the GST/HST account number, contact your supplier. When your supplier does not provide their GST/HST account number, call the Canada Revenue Agency's Business enquiries line at 1-800-959-5525 to confirm it is registered.

You can also search here if they do give you a number to see if its bogus or not: https://www.businessregistration-inscri ... cale=en_CA
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Aug 16, 2010
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Scammers. No HST number means no account with CRA. Plus the cash-only requirement strongly suggests to me that they are pocketing the tax and not remitting it to CRA. I bet the invoice isn't even a correct one with the business name on it or phone number on it. That's how cash only businesses operate to avoid a paper trail. Report.
Mar 30, 2016
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Not super relevant but you can collect technically collect HST without a number even though it's against the rules.

It would just cause an involuntary registration and the money would be required to be remitted.

They are required to abide by the invoice standards but it doesn't always happen. Sounds shifty to me.
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