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Apr 15, 2003
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globalc wrote: in for price of ath m50
M50s was $119 and the same for the M50 as well I believe. Just as well to get it from Amazon or Sound Professionals.
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Dec 28, 2006
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Is the Dlink 320L Cloud Network Storage enclosure at $70 a good deal ?
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Oct 31, 2013
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Matrixvibe wrote: Did anyone see the price for the Sennheiser HD 598?
Whyzguy wrote: $219
at that price, you're better off just buying it on and pay the $13-15 shipping (around 200 dollars with shipping vs 220 @ cc)
Dec 12, 2013
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haha, decided to drive by the Canada Computers store near Kennedy in scarborough. its absolutely nuts in there. Zero parking spots open, there are even cars lined up down the street for over 1km. I said to myself there is no way I am going inside that place. There arent even that many good deal anyway, I just dont understand it...
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Aug 23, 2009
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I'm currently typing on the Thermaltake Poseidon keyboard I purchased this morning and I must say it's very nice. A steal for $50 after taxes + MIR.
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Aug 20, 2004
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Montreal, QC, Canada
randombuyer wrote: If looking for quality in terms of gamut and colour, I'd shell out for a Dell U2713HM, although the response time doesn't fit your needs. There's also the 24" U2413, which fits your price category. Any higher and you'd be looking at Eizo and Lacie.
Neocodex wrote: At that point he might aswell just go for one of the newer korean PLS panels for $300
Those monitors that both of you recommended indeed look nice but all of them are 6ms or slower response time and that's just their Grey-to-Grey times. It means their full response time can be as bad as 8ms or even 12ms. Both of which cause ghosting in games. IDK if they're fast enough for videos like movies either. Most of them also lack a VGA D-Sub port, which I do need for backward compatibility.
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Aug 20, 2004
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Montreal, QC, Canada
Ghetto_Child wrote: I only started looking at CC's sale around 3pm Dec. 25th. Seems like I missed just about everything worth looking at? What deals do/did all of you recommend? Particularly I'm looking for monitors matching the specs I list below.
I'm looking for a 1440p monitor larger than 22" up to 29" or 1080p for anything 22" and smaller. With better display quality & speed than my Samsung SyncMaster 2053BW.
Ideal I want:
1080p for <=22", or 1440p for >22" & <=29" (this is because my 2053BW has a pixel pitch size of 0.258mm by 0.258mm in 20" native 1680x1050)
120Hz (is this possible on large angle panels or IPS?)
large viewing angles (probably IPS)
5ms (2ms G-to-G), I just learned my 2053BW has 5ms input lag so displays with equal or better input lag is important too
one or two DVI-D Dual Link
VGA D-Sub port if possible
HDMI is not critical but great if the monitor can have all three ports
I don't want built-in speakers. Monitors with speakers are a wasteful extra cost for me.
I would appreciate higher colour gamut than standard NTSC 72% but it's also not critical.
I won't be calibrating the display anytime soon; but since I'm the type that uses monitors until they die 10yrs+ later, I want this display to have colour production & game equal or better than my existing SyncMaster 2053BW.

Some of these don't match all my specs but any thoughts people on their quality vs their prices?

$250-$20MIR ... 9-1051.htm I find this just to be a faster bigger 2053BW but same colours & angles, and larger pixel pitch, slightly lower brightness which is ok, and speakers which I don't want.

$480 ... 2-1051.htm nice discount but too many extra features I don't need and missing VGA D-Sub and response time too slow.

$180 @ NCIX Ottawa, $200 & FREE GROUND SHIP ... 1-1051.htm if it had much better response and no speakers I'd consider this at this price
$200 same model @ ME & CC & NE ... _id=048940 ... 4014300CVF

$450+$5 GROUND SHIP ... 1-1051.htm just too many features I don't need but I like all the ports, angles, pixel pitch, brightness, contrast, don't want speakers and bad response time.

$290 ... 0-1051.htm don't want it because it has speakers, slower response time, and no DVI, unknown max refresh rate.

$290+$5 GROUND SHIP ... 4-1051.htm same problems here
$290 same model @ ME

$690+$5 GROUND SHIP ... 7-1051.htm way out of my budget to begin with

$140 ... 7-1051.htm small angles, concerned the response time might only be the Grey-to-Grey time, and probably not a big difference but this monitor has 250cd/m^2 brightness and my 2053BW has 350cd/m^2.
$150 same model @ CC ... _id=063118

$200 ... 8-1051.htm has all the ports but, small viewing angles, and response time is probably just Grey-to-Grey time, don't want to pay extra for speakers.

$150-$20MIR ... 0-1051.htm I like the ports & 3yr warranty & response time is great, but I dislike the smaller viewing angles, and Pixel Pitch: 0.272mm seems too large too. My 2053BW has 0.258mm pixel pitch. I don't want to pay extra for speakers.

$200 ... 8-1051.htm much too small, don't need two screens since I'll already have a dieing one to use, pixel pitch size is great, great native contrast, excellent angles, brightness is lower than I'd like, has my port requirements, but response time I don't like, 6ms Grey-to-Grey.

$400 ... 7-1051.htm I really have no need for two 27" monitors to begin with, I don't like these viewing angles, the 5ms response time is probably only Greg-to-Grey times, has DVI but apparently doesn't support Dual Link DVI.

$420 ... 9-1051.htm again no need for two 27" monitors, ok brightness, small angles, conflicting response times advertised (both 5ms above 2ms below) will need to check manufacturer site to know which is Grey-to-Grey speed, no DVI.
$260 for a single unit of same model @ CC ... _id=060319

$130+FREE GROUND SHIP ... 6-1051.htm fits my port requirements, bad angles, response time might be only Grey-to-Grey times, brightness is lower than I'd like but I like that it has higher than 60Hz refresh rate.
$130 same model @ CC ... _id=064694

$210+$5 GROUND SHIP ... 8-1051.htm I'm concerned the 5ms is only G-to-G response time which is inferior to my 2053BW. Brightness is low, great angles, great port collection, unknown refresh rates. I remember it was $10 cheaper during BF/CM sales
same model cheaper @ ME $200
$230 same model @ CC ... _id=063972

$230 ... 9-1051.htm great angles, brightness lower than I'd like, response time slower than I'd like, lacks DVI ports

$140+FREE GROUND SHIP ... 5-1051.htm good port collection, great angles, unknown if response time is Grey-to-Grey value, contrast seems great, brightness a little low, unknown refresh rate limit.

$180+FREE GROUND SHIP ... 8-1051.htm great response time, don't want speakers, pixel pitch size is too big, bad angles, a little low on brightness, great ports, no idea what the max refresh rate is.
$180 same model @ ME
$190 same model @ NE ... 4014345CVF

$160+$5 GROUND SHIP ... 0-1051.htm great port collection, great angles, brightness lower than I'd like, refresh only 60Hz, have to check LG site to know if response time is Grey-to-Grey or not.
$150 same model cheaper at ME

$300+FREE GROUND SHIP ... 2-1051.htm pixel pitch size is larger than my 2053BW, excellent brightness, bad angles, excellent response time, excellent port collection.
$300 same model @ ME
$330 same model @ CC ... _id=062125
$350 same model @ NE ... 4014350CVF

$240 ... 4-1051.htm lower brightness than I'd like, great angles, slower response time than I'd like, don't want speakers, no DVI but claims it can support DVI-D via an adaptor (I don't know if that means it supports DVI Dual Link or if it supports all the true DVI standards/frequencies/bitrates through such an adaptor), pixel pitch size is close but still larger than 2053BW, refresh rate above 60Hz but not 120Hz.
$230 same model at ME
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Aug 20, 2004
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Montreal, QC, Canada
$350 ... 5-1051.htm same story as above but pixel pitch is much larger at 0.311mm
$309 same model cheaper @ CC ... _id=057085

$350-$20MIR ... 1-1051.htm pixel pitch seems larger than I'd like at 0.270mm, don't like 16:10 aspect, 100% sRGB is nice but I doubt I will make use of that much saturation, brightness is ok, great angles, response time seems much too slow, excellent port collection, refresh rate limit unknown.

$300 ... 4-1051.htm great response time & refresh rate, bad angles, brightness is perfect, lacks VGA D-Sub port, don't need speakers, pixel pitch size is larger than I'd like.
$280 same model @ ME

$160-$20MIR ... 1-1051.htm 3yr warranty is convenient, pixel pitch is ok, brightness is a little low, bad viewing angles, great response time, seems to have all the ports I want

$185-$20MIR ... 2-1051.htm same story as above

$130 ... 5-1051.htm bad angles, low contrast, response time might be only Grey-to-Grey times.

$170+FREE GROUND SHIP ... 1-1051.htm larger pixel pitch than I'd like, low brightness, bad angles, great response time, great port collection, don't want speakers, unknown refresh rate limit.

$190+$5 GROUND SHIP ... 3-1051.htm don't want speakers, great port collection, bad angles, likely great response time, low brightness, refresh rate above 60Hz, nice long warranty.

$140 ... 4-1051.htm low brightness, bad angles, response time is probably Grey-to-Grey, no DVI, unknown refresh rate limit.
Same price at ME

$190+$5 GROUND SHIP ... 7-1051.htm low brightness, slow response time, great angles, no DVI
$190 same model @ ME

$410 ... 1-1051.htm great angles, slow response time, ok brightness, unknown max refresh rate.

$400+$5 GROUND SHIP ... 2-1051.htm great angles, response time is probably GtG, low brightness, lacks DVI port, and I don't need a touch screen

$260-$20MIR Asus VE278Q Aside from additional ports this is just like a larger 2053BW, with larger pixel pitch size and a bit lower brightness, possibly 85Hz refresh rate limit.

$290 Samsung S27C750P no DVI-D, response time too slow,

$370 LG 29EA73 I REALLY like this monitor at this price, but I don't need 29" in size, it doesn't have VGA D-Sub, and response time looks slower than my 2053BW if it's the GtG time listed (CC website says 14ms GtG!), still it's my top compromise option
$380 same model @ CC ... _id=064202

$260 Samsung SyncMaster S27B370HS ok brightness, great response time, bad angles, lacks DVI port, unknown refresh rate limit.

$130 Acer A231HL ... _id=049992 surprisingly IPS so great angles, response time is GtG value, lacks DVI port, low brightness, good warranty, if anyone can find the actual specs on the Acer website it would be appreciated, could someone explain what is the point of acer website having a user manual that contains no specs?!?!

$209 Acer T232HL ... _id=057215 all the specs seem exactly the same as the above model except this is a touchscreen model
$220 same model @ NCIX ... 9-1051.htm

$110 Acer S230HLb ... _id=061836 no use to me, TN panel means bad angles, lacks DVI port, unknown if response time is GtG or not, good warranty, low brightness

$500 AOC Q2963PM ... _id=058989 not even on sale, good warranty, very wide res, great ports, ok brightness, IPS so it should have great angles, response time might only be GtG, don't want speakers and this unit is too expensive

$190 AOC e2752She ... _id=061450 TN panel so bad angles, great response time, ok brightness, lacks DVI port, good warranty

$115 AOC E2425SWD ... _id=063501 TN panel so bad angles, response time might only be GtG, good ports, low brightness, good warranty

$260 Dell S2740L love the port selection on this model, response time is too slow for my liking, limited to 60Hz refresh, pixel pitch size is too big, brightness a little low, great angles, higher than average colour gamut, ... u=225-3894

$520 Dell U2713HM great port selection, probably higher than 60Hz at 1920x1080 but I doubt it can do 120Hz, response time is very likely too slow to game since it's only 8ms Grey-to-Grey, also priced out of my budget. ... u=225-4015

$150 Dell E2414H ... u=320-9776 TN panel, bad angles, refresh rate limited to 60Hz, response time seems good, good port collection, low brightness, possibly above average colour gamut, no clue how beneficial an anti-glare hard coating is

$180 Dell S2440L ... u=320-9801 great angles, above average colour gamut, lacks DVI port, response time is slow, low brightness, pixel pitch size is larger than 2053BW, great contrast,

$190 Dell S2340L ... u=320-9800 lacks DVI port, limited to 60Hz refresh rate, pixel pitch size a little bigger than I'd like, low brightness, above average colour gamut, great angles, response time is slow

$320 Dell U2412M ... u=320-2676 great angles, not fond of 16:10 resolution, 60Hz refresh limit, pixel pitch larger than I'd like, ok brightness, response time is slow, great port collection

$204 Samsung S27C390H ... 6824001871 bad angles, ok brightness, slow response time, lacks DVI port, pixel pitch size most likely bigger than I'd like

$150 HP LV2311 ... 6824176250 60Hz refresh rate limit, bad angles, low brightness, response time is probably GtG time, good ports, pixel pitch a little larger than I'd like.

$1100 Apple MC914LL/B ... junctionCA this would be a lot of fun to own, great angles, excellect brightness, perfect resolution for its size, but...response time is very slow, way out of my budget, and doesn't have any video ports that I can connect with lol.
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