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[Canada Computers] GIGABYTE Radeon RX 570 GAMING 4GB + 2 Free Games $139

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  • Apr 15th, 2019 11:11 am
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Dec 19, 2001
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Fernando Po
maddawg wrote: Sure...how sensitive.
Maybe you like seeing lots of "deals" without prices on them, I don't. Complete waste of time. How hard is it to post a price with the deal? Should be mandatory.
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Oct 20, 2013
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Nocontact2 wrote: Dang. All those savings gone if I need a new PSU
Not really. You can get a decent one for $50. You wouldn’t want to use your crappy PSU anyway.
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Nov 15, 2013
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Just grabbed one at Kennedy Rd. They still had at least 5-10 left.
Aug 16, 2014
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Oshawa, ON
how do we claim the games if we purchase in store? The rep told me i needed to go on some website and put in the serial code of the gpu
Aug 16, 2014
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Oshawa, ON
p0nk1n wrote: Just picked mine up! what a great deal. all 3 games are 79.99$ each so 2 games are worth more than the card itself...
I don't want these games, 60$ for anyone who wants the 2 games :)
how did you get the games already? did they provide a coupon code in store?
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Sep 27, 2011
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JordanTO wrote: how did you get the games already? did they provide a coupon code in store?
You get a CC code that you enter on their site, they then email you the actual code
FreezingCanada wrote: We voted him in as God of RFD last month. Where were you during elections...?
Nov 24, 2014
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HailHydra wrote: Personally I also wouldn't pay a 50% premium for a 3-10% performance gain. But the price difference is actually between $169 vs $139, which is a 21.6% increase for double the VRAM. If we're comparing the normal price of the 570 8gb with this deal, then maybe it's 50%. But again, who buys anything at full price on these forums?

And although most games today can't utilize the 4GB of ram fully at 1080p on the highest setting, which is what the rx 570 targets, games like Forza Horizon 4 already max out 4 GB at 1080p on the highest settings, and perhaps future games would have higher res texture packs that would increase VRAM usage.

So the question for people would be, is the 21.6%, or $30 CAD, price increase worth it for the potential "future-proofing" of your investment in a graphics card?

To be fair, even if 8GB would technically be a bit more future proof on a handful of games in the future, the actual power of the RX 570 (Nb of Cores, Memory Speed, Architecture) will limit the results way more than the RAM size. The same "8GB Future-proofing" argument was made when the RX 470 came out over 2 years ago (RX 570 is a rebranding of the the RX 470 with a slight clock boost). And almost 3 years later, what was said back then is still true: The RX 570 can't make good use of the extra 4GB. Even for Forza Horizon 4 you mentioned, the RX 570 4GB still averages over 65 FPS at 1080p Ultra Quality anyway, For the sake of comparison, the RX 580 4GB (not 570) averages 87 FPS on FH4 1080p ultra, while the RX 580 8GB averages 88 FPS.

I'm not saying there is absolutely no gain in going for 8GB, but it's marginal at best. The RX 570 4GB is meant to be a budget mid-range GPU offering great performances for 1080p gaming. If you're comfortable with spending 30$ for a minimal gain, you're definitely free to do so, but my advice would be to grab this unbelievable deal and forget about the unfounded 8GB "peace of mind". Considering you can easily get $80 back by reselling the two digital code, this is as good as it gets for a RX 570 4GB.
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