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CanadaGSM/SN Traders/SNTraders

Address: 213-, 1325 Eglinton Ave E, Mississauga, ON L4W 4L9
Phone: (905) 625-1100
For Sales & Marketing:
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Naveed Qureshi and Nabeel Ahmad

1325 Eglinton Ave E # 213
Mississauga, ON
L4W 4L9
Phone: 905-625-1100
FAX: 905-625-9913
CEL : 647-287-2434, 647-274-7278


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I just wanted to share some feedback regarding my experience with SN Traders/CanadaGSM. Let me preface this by saying I have shopped here many times over the years without issue, but not so much in recent years.

I was interested in buying a Samsung S8 phone and had exchanged some very quick emails, which prompted me to come in the next day to purchase one.

When I arrived they did not have the items in stock they claimed to on the website or over email, however, there were two silver ones available - I wanted black.

I knew something was up when the boxes said 128GB and not 64GB. The IMEI on the box also did not match the back of the device, which also did not match the sticker they put on the back. The IMEI in the status screen did not match the physical one on the devices.

Upon checking the IMEI information, the current IMEI of the phone was that of a disposable Samsung J1 phone, not the S8. When I checked the IMEI on the reverse of the phone it was marked as stolen and blacklisted.

CanadaGSM/SN Traders is no longer responding to messages, and is clearly reselling stolen phones after flashing new IMEI's to them. I was able to personally verify TWO phones sourced from the USA.

Buyer beware, and be sure to check your imei information to ensure it matches the phone and is not stolen.

EDIT: In the name of transparency, I have now heard back from the vendor since posting my concerns online. Their response is below. I am still of the opinion they ought to be verifying things, especially if they are passing off repackaged used phones as new:
Dear customer,

we got them this way and we did not have checked it that thoroughly. We apologize and we will return these items to vendors and lodge a compliant. In the mean time let us source u a new s8.

Canadagsm Team
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