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[Canadian Tire] Canadian Tire Mastercraft Screwdriver Set, 80-pc - $19.99

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  • Mar 27th, 2019 11:39 pm
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L4cky wrote:
Mar 27th, 2019 9:46 pm
any recommendations?
Wera (as 1Ogiku2 mentioned) and Klein are pretty respectable, not difficult to find, and they won't break the bank for quality hand tools.
There is also Wiha and PB Swiss which I picked up during some of my travel/work abroad, and they are also good, but a little on the pricier side (I haven't checked locally however).
GearWrench also makes some decent sets. They are not cheap, but they often go on sale through various outlets making them decent bargains when they are on sale.
Williams makes very nice ones also. These remind me of the old classic Snap-On hard handles. And I really like them, and they do not absorb much in terms of grease, like the rubber handle ones do. They are pricey, but if used properly, they will last a lifetime.
Craftsman was pretty good ages ago (and all was made in the USA), but the quality went downhill a few years back, and nowadays, I'm not even sure where they even stand. I've seen them in some of the local big reno stores (since sears vanished here), but I don't pay much attention to them.

1Ogiku2 wrote:
Mar 27th, 2019 10:18 pm
lol a smart ass. I buy Wera screwdrivers for myself. But even for the average guy a set for 20 bugs of utter garbage is a waste of time and money.
Not trying to be a smart ass, but I have a few sets of these CT "junk" around the office (the more expensive ones used to grow wings and vanish), and many of them go through 2 or 3 years of abuse before they are start to strip. And usually, it is just the Phillips-Head ones that tend to strip over time (due to soft metal, and people often using the wrong size tip on the wrong screwheads and always slipping). The rest seem to last (I guess since they are used less often). Like I said, typically we use them to open computers, and the occasional computer peripheral repair. So no, they don't get used like they would any any machines shop or garage. And for that kind of relatively light use, they are perfectly fine for $20 (especially since you can get any damaged ones replaced - hassle free). If you use these on a daily basis, like a mechanic or electrician, then save yourself the frustration, and just get a decent set, that is not their target consumer.

I am a little bit of a tool geek and like my tools so don't mind spending good money on the ones I will frequently use at home. And I've inherited quite a few tools from my dad (who was a machinist for 35+ years), and some I don't even know what they are :) However I understand that the average condo owner/renter is not going to care to have a high end set of tools (nor do they need them), to use one or twice a year, to unscrew a light-plate, or their FOB remote to replace the battery, or something similar.

So for $20, including a convenient bag to keep them all together, it is a decent deal.
Dec 26, 2018
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Have had this set (or a previous version of it) for many years. Great for the average homeowner or even DIYer but I would recommend something higher end for professional use.