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[Canadian Tire] CDN Tire 95th Birthdayday Sale starts Sept.7th

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  • Sep 13th, 2017 5:24 pm
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Feb 11, 2007
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chadw01 wrote:
Sep 11th, 2017 9:45 pm
The M1 is 4.4L - the Motomaster F1 synthetic is 5L for $26

Anyone use the F1 - for the volume difference, might be worth it over the M1 at the same price?
I used to use M1 0w40 but now use F1 0w40. It's also BMW LL-01 rated.
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Dec 17, 2012
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magoot wrote:
Sep 9th, 2017 11:14 am
Picked up a Danze Emilia Pull-Down Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet for $68.93, "regular" $229.
it says 89.93$? is that what u paid for or 68.93$?
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Oct 24, 2001
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Any opinions on the Rockwell powertools??

I'm looking at the 20V brushless drill and also the impact driver each for ~$100. There's also the cordless hammer drill for $27 more, not sure if its worth it for that feature to do some smaller concrete work.. I bought the Bosch SDS bulldog xtreme for $140 for bigger concrete work..

The Rockwell seem pretty solid. Like the metal chuck but overall a bit heavier than other brands i've used like Makita and Milwaukee. Trigger didn't seem as nice either. Warranty on them seems pretty good. I do commercial HVAC work and use my employeers' tools but starting to get my own collection going.
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Feb 8, 2015
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shampygarg wrote:
Sep 11th, 2017 10:05 pm
it says 89.93$? is that what u paid for or 68.93$?
In store there were no sale price stickers so took it to the cashier and she scanned @ $229.00. Told her there was sale on, she looked closer and asked if $68.93 was ok. Noticed @ some other CT in the GTA prices were diff- @ Stockyards it was $89.93.