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Canadian tire & Simoniz, what a load of #@#$

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  • Jul 7th, 2013 8:03 pm
Feb 8, 2008
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I am another purchaser of a Simoniz pressure washer from Canadian Tire in Burnaby. I bought mine about a year ago, but I don't remember any signs warning me about CT's policy.
I started using it and the first think I noticed was the hard spray rod would even go on. So I started using the smaller one and it was OK. Then the connecting sleeve where the water connects cracked. I jury-rigged it with some other hose stuff I had and it was OK again. I used it about 4 more times and the next time I used it, it started leaking like a sieve and this reduced the pressure, so it was ineffective.
I have now searched the Simoniz website and see my attempts at service will likely be futile. Can someone post the Canadian Simoniz phone number so I can get my blood pressure up trying to call for service or service locations in Canada. Maybe I should just head to Home Depot and buy one of those scoocum gas powered Husky machines?
Aug 4, 2005
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> :( My simonz s1500 pressure washer hasn't shut down in mid use. It just won't start until I give it a good swift kick just above the off/on switch. This is a pain in the ass, as well as the toe. I guess I'm just gonna continue to use it this way, until I get fed up or break a toe. Then I'll take it apart to see if I can fix it , or I may just trash it and go and buy another brand.
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May 23, 2008
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I was just going to CT to get a Simoniz that is on sale from $249 to $199, the one with blower and vac... I will pass and look for a Karcher. Thanks guys!
Aug 20, 2008
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I bought a 1700 washer in April and used it twice and now motor no longer working. It's the worst product I have ever bought ( big mistake and the support / warranty is terrible as they just brush u off and get you to get it fixed ). These things don't work and are defective.

Simoniz is a load of crap.

That's it.
Jul 17, 2008
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I bought a 1700 model for my mother and it turned out into another piece of crap. Followed the instructions, primed the machine with water before turning it on, vollia, it siezed up solid within the first 5 seconds. Happy to report - took it back to CT for a full money refund and invested in a quality Karcher.
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Jul 17, 2005
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gd to know for future reference.

Always knew these pressure washers by simoniz may not be up to par in terms of performance...
May 6, 2008
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A quick note to add to this thread. A couple months ago I was in the market for a pressure washer and saw this discussion, decided to stay FAR away from Canadian Tire.

Ended up getting a Karcher 5.85m from Costco for $200. I just bought a new house this summer, and of course I wanted to clean EVERYTHING (was cleaning the sidewalk out front this weekend and the wife started looking at me a little funny).
Anyway, after over a month of fairly heavy use, I've had absolutely zero problems with the unit. The price was decent, the unit works well, and I know that Costco stands behind the products it sells with a really good warrantee.

I do often shop at Cdn Tire, but I would HIGHLY recommend skipping them for the pressure washer, and going to Costco.

My only other word of advise, if you think you'll be using the washer more than 1-2 times per year, get a gas-powered one. You can get a decent one (at Costco again, of course), for around $350. The extra money it absolutely worth it when you are using it heavily or for tough jobs like driveways and decks.
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Jul 7, 2007
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Called Simoniz and they told me to go to FIX IT AGAIN SAM, 416 425 7272, 911 Millwood Dr, brought it there and they performed the warranty work.
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Mar 10, 2004
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ernwes wrote:
Jul 7th, 2008 10:00 pm
> :( My simonz s1500 pressure washer hasn't shut down in mid use. It just won't start until I give it a good swift kick just above the off/on switch. This is a pain in the ass, as well as the toe. I guess I'm just gonna continue to use it this way, until I get fed up or break a toe. Then I'll take it apart to see if I can fix it , or I may just trash it and go and buy another brand.
When I bought my Simoniz POS the owner's manual specifically mentioned that occasionally the pump required a boost to start. They suggested a very large allen key to spin the pump. If I didn't do that all I got was a loud buzzing noise (sound of a siezed motor) and then the breaker would trip. So what you are describing may be normal for the POS.
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Jan 13, 2004
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I must be lucky. I have a 1600psi simoniz pressure washer and i use it about 1 - 2 times a month and it's still works after 3 years.

The unit was not perfect though. The thing came with a cheap crappy hose + wand. The hose developed multiple leaks after less than a year of usage. The gun cracked shortly after (probably my fault since i dropped it though). I ended up replacing the gun + hose with the $35 Simoniz wand+hose combo from crappy tire. The new one was much better quality and has been working great for a couple years now. It just needs to be treated gently. Avoid dropping the wand and never pull on a tangled hose because it will kink+break.

Anyways, other than the crappy attachments and accessories, the simoniz pressure washer was not bad for $125. I'd buy it again but only if it was $100ish.

BTW, just to comment on crappy tire. I think the company is full of crap. For example, early this year Crappy Tire had to recall a ton(approx 40,000 units) of battery boosters w/ counterfeit CSA marks. By law crappy tire was not allowed to sell any of them because they weren't certified to applicable safety standards. Some of the boxes had the CSA mark crossed off w/ a sharpie so it was very obvious someone somewhere knew what was going on. In crappy tire's recall notice they pretended the recall was voluntary and also claimed it was due to a "defect" not because the product wasn't certified + beared a counterfeit CSA mark. There was a design flaw due to someone sneaking the product onto the shelf w/out proper safety certication but there was never a "defect". That's a shady PR move, don't you think? IMO, they weren't as innocent as they claim to be. See the links below for more information. ... cleID=9258 ... c3291.html
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Jun 11, 2006
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We sent ours to be repaired (somewhere in the States)

We have called them multiple times, but no answer and tried to use their online help, but never got a response.

This company is as useless as their products!
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Nov 25, 2007
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Scranton, PA
Received a Simoniz 1400 as an xmas gift from my parents 4 yrs ago. I remember the CT sale when this was advertised...something like 125 bucks so back then this was a steal!

After first year the nozzle where the hose and trigger attach cracked and leaked...Don't have the receipt so Called help, nothing. So I picked up a replacement nozzle/hose for 35 bucks at CT. Second year, first car wash of the year, the connection between the wand and nozzle leaked. Keep in mind that I have "gently" used this thing over a dozen best. So, now I'm pissed..bought yet another nozzle/hose at CT, packaged up the leaky one and returned it to CT (ya ya...not the right thing todo but hey, Simoniz wasn't going to help).

Third year, leaked a bit at the nozzle....held on for the year...maybe half a dozen uses

Forth the compressor keeps turning on and off while turned on. Most likely a seal went on it. Pressure is down a bit too. I don't use it much anymore because the sound is so bloody annoying.

Glad I got it for free...Simoniz is JUNK!!!!

Unless you get it for free, stay away.
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Sep 3, 2003
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Haven't read the whole thread, but how are you folks storing your pressure washers in the winter? In a un-heated garage? If so, some of the residual water may still be inside, freezing internally and ruining all sorts of seals and rings as a result.

Just something to keep in mind.
Deal with it.
Jun 19, 2008
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OK I need a spray handle for my Simoniz machine. I look on their website and it does not have that model number. I phone their service and the guy says that my machine is a S1400 & he has to transfer me to another department. I wait & get that department and the lady asks for my serial number and then tells me it is wrong???? I explain to her it is not wrong as I am starring at it. She then explains it must be made by Karcher and even thou my machine has Simoniz all over it and on the serial number plate and on the manual Simoniz knows nothing about it. Tells me to phone Karcher at 1800 465-4980, which I do. All I get is a recording now to phone RJ at 1800 383 6584.

It is like you make it impossible to get service and parts for this thing. Why do you not have all this information in the manual so I have to waste all this time trying to figure out that even thou it says Simoniz on it is made by Karcher & when I am told to phone Karcher they recording says they don